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09/09/10 - Interesting clouds, kitty closeups, and some random things

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id: 29346
There were some weird clouds outside my apartment
id: 29347
It's so sunny here, but so dark and ominous there!
id: 29348
Sunny tree!
id: 29349
There's a hole in the sky, through which things can fly?
id: 29350
Shifting clouds...
id: 29351
The hole is getting closer!
id: 29352
My picture of the day weirded out this lady in Starbucks
id: 29353
Crazy sunburst
id: 29354
This is an approaching severe thunderstorm
id: 29355
The sun is still trying to get through!
id: 29356
My proj365 picture didn't really capture the effect
id: 29357
The storm gets closer..
id: 29358
It's like a giant flashlight in the sky!
id: 29359
The sun is getting cut off!
id: 29360
Neil is unimpressed by flashes
id: 29361
Buzz works on his biking career
id: 29362
Why must you sit up there, Buzz?
id: 29363
"Gimme that camera"
id: 29364
This closeup of Buzz makes him look even more menacing then usual
id: 29365
Neil sniffs the air
id: 29366
What's up, Neil?
id: 29367
"What's this lens smell like?"
id: 29368
Topaz made a crazy face during my proj365 picture
id: 29369
John Kav and I have been working on Macanudo's empty can collection
id: 29370
Salmon fillet! The experiment was a partial success. It was edible, but not great. More practice is required
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