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09/11/10 - Bryce comes to visit me in Buffalo! Sushi, Niagara Falls, mini-golf, and wings!

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id: 29371
Bryce seems super excited to be here
id: 29372
Topaz snapped this picture of me from the back seat
id: 29373
Bryce checks out the menu at Fuji Grill
id: 29374
Topaz wants all of the above
id: 29375
What to order?
id: 29376
Our meals being prepared!
id: 29377
Bryce and Topaz got some sake. I was the driver :(
id: 29378
Checking stuff on the G1
id: 29379
My awesome sushi platter!
id: 29380
Closeup on the goodness
id: 29381
Grab a roll!
id: 29382
Topaz does not approve of dipping it in soy sauce
id: 29383
Topaz's favorite part of the day
id: 29384
Bryce got some cool new glasses
id: 29385
id: 29386
Bryce had a good time
id: 29387
Neil and Buzz get reaquainted with Bryce
id: 29388
What the hell is up with this ATM?
id: 29389
Texting in the convenience store
id: 29390
Weird lens on the security camera
id: 29391
The measures I have to take to make sure Bryce doesn't drink my drink
id: 29392
What kind of a crazy face is that?
id: 29393
Neil was a fan of Bryce's bag
id: 29394
Let's make Neil uncomfortable
id: 29395
We stopped by the naval museum on the way to Niagara Falls
id: 29396
id: 29397
It's that statue of Tesla! That must mean we're at Niagara Falls!
id: 29398
There it is!
id: 29399
A rainbow was over the American falls
id: 29400
id: 29401
Bryce poses for the obligatory picture. Unfortunately, I was on ISO 1600, so I made him do it again later
id: 29402
Waiting in line for coffee
id: 29403
The rainbow again
id: 29404
Bryce poses for another picture
id: 29405
Sightseeing helicopter
id: 29406
Looking upstream of the American falls
id: 29407
Looking, er, downstream
id: 29408
The crazy people going to the Cave of Winds
id: 29409
You're gonna get wet!
id: 29410
The Rainbow Bridge
id: 29411
Bryce contemplates the falls while sipping his coffee
id: 29412
So much water!
id: 29413
Water in the foreground, trees in the background
id: 29414
The Horseshoe falls!
id: 29415
Way more water!
id: 29416
This guy was just chilling out and playing the bagpipes. If I recall correctly, he was playing the American national anthem since it was September 11th
id: 29417
Ahhh, falls and coffee
id: 29418
Standing waves!
id: 29419
id: 29420
What's down there?
id: 29421
Another obligatory posed picture
id: 29422
Bryce is having a good time
id: 29423
The Maid of the Mist
id: 29424
id: 29425
A nice view
id: 29426
People enjoying the falls
id: 29427
Butt depot!!
id: 29428
id: 29429
id: 29430
Pretty hard to miss
id: 29431
You can tell you're in Canada when..
id: 29432
Various attractions
id: 29433
Bryce is At This Machine
id: 29434
This sign was crazy
id: 29435
Strange attarctions
id: 29436
This thing was moving around
id: 29437
Frankenstein what?
id: 29438
Black light mini-golf!
id: 29439
Bryce's shirt really stood out
id: 29440
Bryce carefully lines up his shot..
id: 29441
There was all kinds of madness down here
id: 29442
For some reason, the bright colors resulting from the black light came out really well on my camera
id: 29443
An astronaut!
id: 29444
id: 29445
I'm scared to go through the stargate
id: 29446
Creepy xenomorph!
id: 29447
No wonder I was scared of the stargate.. the xenomorph was waiting for me!
id: 29448
Crazy colors!
id: 29449
We're in Egypt now?
id: 29450
Strange things
id: 29451
Bryce missed this shot
id: 29452
id: 29453
Oh no, we've enetered the 70s!
id: 29454
I'm scared!
id: 29455
Crazy lava lamp room
id: 29456
Bryce's ball is the yellow streak in this picture
id: 29457
The wall is very happy
id: 29458
Weird Simpsons art
id: 29459
Bryce takes his next shot
id: 29460
Mike would enjoy this
id: 29461
White Shirt bryce
id: 29462
I thought this obstacle looked cool
id: 29463
Underwater world!
id: 29464
Sunlight? But that much mean we've come to the end!
id: 29465
A dragon guarded the last hole
id: 29466
We added it up later and Bryce won by 3 or 4 points. Curses!
id: 29467
Bryce tried to get money out of the ATM and wound up with Canadian money!!
id: 29468
"What's it called, the Pile Driver?" "Actually yes.."
id: 29469
Shooting things in an arcade
id: 29470
Wow, what a prize
id: 29471
I love air hockey!
id: 29472
Another arcade gun
id: 29473
How are they winning so much?
id: 29474
Bryce exchanges his $20 Canadian for $20 US
id: 29475
Cool picture of the water fountain
id: 29476
The falls from the Canadian side
id: 29477
Bryce checks them out
id: 29478
Scratch another tourist destination off the list
id: 29479
A nice wide shot of the falls
id: 29480
Looking around
id: 29481
People climbing back up the hill
id: 29482
The Rainbow Bridge
id: 29483
Shiny building
id: 29484
id: 29485
The WWE building
id: 29486
Funny little car
id: 29487
Bryce wasn't super thrilled to pose for this picture
id: 29488
Ferris wheel!
id: 29489
That crazy Burger King again
id: 29490
Another creepy rope climbing robot
id: 29491
Sideways buildings!
id: 29492
Botched Photoshop! (Look at her finger!)
id: 29493
Based on Steve's recommendation
id: 29494
Bryce checks his phone while waiting for wings
id: 29495
I got chicken fingers
id: 29496
Bryce got a big pile of wings
id: 29497
Bryce got a 40 at the convenience store. Welcome to not Pennsylvania!
id: 29498
What's he doing?
id: 29499
Probably playing the latest, greatest new video game..
id: 29500
Ack! No! It's Playstation Home!
id: 29501
It was awful.
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