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09/18/10 - Intersting bugs, Coco-Pop machine, and a few proj365 pictures

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id: 29579
A butterfly in the walkway to the Waterline
id: 29580
The insane Coco-pop machine at work
id: 29581
After a couple dozen practice shots, I finally had the timing down and snagged this picture of a Coco-pop being ejected
id: 29582
Another one!
id: 29583
Steamy explosion!
id: 29584
One more Coco-pop ejection
id: 29585
I just had to get my picture with it
id: 29586
The view out the west side of the Synacor building
id: 29587
A neat butterfly near the Waterline
id: 29588
Getting closer..
id: 29589
Another angle..
id: 29590
Look how furry he is!
id: 29591
Walking my bike..
id: 29592
Bryce's passport
id: 29593
Neil says hi
id: 29594
Dipak sent a great typo email where he said he was taking care of his "sock family"
id: 29595
Typical day at work
id: 29596
Another weird bug! Some kind of moth
id: 29597
id: 29598
Right after taking this picture, I printed it using the machine behind me
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