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10/02/10 - Nature preserve, beer at work, Cuomo at work, amazing sunset, and my G2 arrives!

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id: 29599
Looking back the path at some nature preserve
id: 29600
Neat building
id: 29601
The road ahead
id: 29602
Nice fence
id: 29603
Weird viewing area
id: 29604
id: 29605
Unusual bird?
id: 29606
The bird's flying away!
id: 29607
What's this column piece doing here?
id: 29608
Mysterious column on the shore
id: 29609
Lighthouse and that bird again
id: 29610
Looking at the rocks that lead out into the lake
id: 29611
The path got more and more rocky
id: 29612
Buffalo skyline
id: 29613
Looking back on the path
id: 29614
The skyway
id: 29615
A closeup of the cool rocks
id: 29616
I love depth of field pictures
id: 29617
id: 29618
Rocks and some water obstacle
id: 29619
For stopping boats?
id: 29620
Ominous sky
id: 29621
The HSBC tower
id: 29622
Looking back from the end of the path
id: 29623
The column piece again
id: 29624
This animal on the path wound up being a cat
id: 29625
Skyline and barbed wire fence
id: 29626
What's this animal track? The cat?
id: 29627
A few tracks
id: 29628
Another observation area
id: 29629
Information on a panel
id: 29630
What is this, a marsh?
id: 29631
id: 29632
There are supposed to be birds in there..
id: 29633
This is where I was, apparently
id: 29634
id: 29635
Topaz has beer in Macanudo?? What's going on?
id: 29636
Everyone's got beer!
id: 29637
"No pictures!"
id: 29638
Is that a beer cart??
id: 29639
Our CEO, Ron Frankel, handed out beer to everyone at work!
id: 29640
It was to thank everyone for all their hard work lately
id: 29641
The plan was to bring beer to the people, but word spread fast
id: 29642
It wasn't just crap like Bud Light, either. Good stuff!
id: 29643
Looking through the selection
id: 29644
"I want that one"
id: 29645
Protect the beer!
id: 29646
The line increases
id: 29647
Joe hides from the camera
id: 29648
Macanduo has beer!
id: 29649
Everyone has beer!
id: 29650
Word got out quickly via the general chat
id: 29651
John got wasted. No, not really.
id: 29652
I still haven't learned how to photograph the moon
id: 29653
The moon over a creepy dark street
id: 29654
Steve finally got a new laptop!
id: 29655
He loves his new mac!
id: 29656
Andrew Cuomo came to Synacor to give a speech about jobs for his gubernatorial campaign
id: 29657
Bright lights!
id: 29658
Lots of reporters!
id: 29659
Where did that backdrop come from?
id: 29660
Reporters getting ready
id: 29661
Various protesters outside.. and a guy in a chicken
id: 29662
There weren't that many
id: 29663
Lots of people gathered around to watch Cuomo
id: 29664
There he is!
id: 29665
Lots of people were taking pictures. Zarko wasn't
id: 29666
Neat soundboard
id: 29667
People gathering around
id: 29668
Mike Canz talks about his Perl platform
id: 29669
Joe talks about his disco platform
id: 29670
Tom was the campaign manager for.. some big stuffed bear
id: 29671
John Kav loves Diet Mountain Dew
id: 29672
Matt brought his baby in!
id: 29673
id: 29674
The sky is in fire!
id: 29675
Holy crap! What a crazy sunset!
id: 29676
It was really amazing
id: 29677
Firey clouds!
id: 29678
Potential wallpaper material?
id: 29679
This would've been a really cool picture if it weren't for the crap on the edges. I might have to photoshop it
id: 29680
Tree on sunset
id: 29681
Check out this sweet tree!
id: 29682
Optimus Prime?
id: 29683
This truck looked neat with the sunset behind it
id: 29684
id: 29685
Fire in the sky!
id: 29686
Neat clouds in the difference
id: 29687
Well, that was a fun sunset
id: 29688
What could b in this package?
id: 29689
Ohmygodohmygod! It's my new phone!
id: 29690
It's a G2! A variant of the HTC Desire Z
id: 29691
The side of the box
id: 29692
Back of the box
id: 29693
There it is!
id: 29694
The aluminum back feels nice and cool on my phone
id: 29695
The side of the phone
id: 29696
The keyboard revealed! The hinge mechanism is buttery smooth
id: 29697
Topaz seems dubious
id: 29698
Unpacking the box more
id: 29699
All the contents of the box
id: 29700
It was nice of them to include the microusb cable
id: 29701
Evo, iPhone, Nexus One, G2, G1! The future is now!
id: 29702
A family portrait of the G2 and G1
id: 29703
id: 29704
Look at that screen! It's so much bigger than the G1's!
id: 29705
G2 with the keyboard open again
id: 29706
Let the customization begin!
id: 29707
The G2 in the cloudy sunlight
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