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10/10/10 - I travel to Philadelphia to go to Bryce and Alicia's engagement party!

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id: 29842
Waiting in vain for my taxi to pick me up outside of work. I ended up running it
id: 29843
Lucky terminal 13
id: 29844
The bus station
id: 29845
This is where they drop you off, dazed and disoriented, in the morning
id: 29846
30th Street Station!
id: 29847
See? I told you
id: 29848
Ah Boltbus. I know you well
id: 29849
Someone took a slice off this building
id: 29850
Waiting for Bryce
id: 29851
Driving out of the city
id: 29852
The zoo balloon!
id: 29853
Lots of nice trees out here
id: 29854
Bryce had a great idea: IHOP!
id: 29855
Bryce loves IHOP
id: 29856
It was pretty busy, but you can't really tell from this corner of the restaurant
id: 29857
Bryce stayed perfectly still.. then looked forward, making a weird double exposure effect
id: 29858
Pepper loves her new toy
id: 29859
She can't wait to play with it
id: 29860
Alicia and her friends
id: 29861
I saw Sue for the first time since leaving Baldwin!
id: 29862
What's up, Bryce?
id: 29863
I was going to delete this one, but Alicia thought it was funny
id: 29864
Alicia hanging out on the couch
id: 29865
Alicia's dad snags some snacks
id: 29866
This is the pre-party, by the way
id: 29867
Hanging around on Bryce's comfy couch
id: 29868
The best man revealed at last! Colin!
id: 29869
Pepper had already shredded her toy. Good thing it didn't have any stuffing!
id: 29870
Getting ready to head out
id: 29871
I haven't seen Wes for a while either!
id: 29872
Bryce and his mom
id: 29873
Bryce creepily prepares for a picture with Alicia
id: 29874
Aww, the happy couple
id: 29875
I love Bryce's face here.. "Why are you still taking pictures?"
id: 29876
Picture time is over
id: 29877
Let's get out of here
id: 29878
Sweet headband, Colin
id: 29879
Playing some Smash Brothers in Alicia's basement
id: 29880
Bryce's crazy editing keyboard
id: 29881
Watching some AVGN
id: 29882
I looked a little better later when my hair was dry (by hanging it out the car window) and the light didn't accentuate my gut
id: 29883
Bryce is all ready to go
id: 29884
Sammy is cool
id: 29885
Lucy is slightly less cool
id: 29886
Bryce looks even taller than normal
id: 29887
Lucy, Sammy, and Eric (Alicia's Dad)
id: 29888
Waiting to head out to the restaurant
id: 29889
Walking along..
id: 29890
Sammy comes running
id: 29891
So many names!
id: 29892
Jefferson was waiting for us
id: 29893
The party begins
id: 29894
It's a complicated lighting situation with the bright windows and dark interior
id: 29895
Bryce and Sandy (Alicia's Mom)
id: 29896
id: 29897
I ended up sitting next to Alan, too!
id: 29898
Alicia's friends
id: 29899
Bryce and Alicia
id: 29900
Posing for pictures..
id: 29901
Bryce makes some smalltalk
id: 29902
There was food to be had
id: 29903
Football was on
id: 29904
The dining room area
id: 29905
Mr. Chaess arrives
id: 29906
People I don't know...
id: 29907
More people I don't know...
id: 29908
Hey, I know Alicia..
id: 29909
It's Wes! That's someone else I know
id: 29910
Wes and Alicia hug
id: 29911
Alicia was excited
id: 29912
Alicia's uncle
id: 29913
Back to people I don't know
id: 29914
Alan's sneaking up on Sandy!
id: 29915
Oh god! He's sneaking up on ME!
id: 29916
Standing around..
id: 29917
Open bar!
id: 29918
Hey Bryce
id: 29919
Wes talks to.. someone
id: 29920
I can't spell the french name for the food on that platter. OK, I looked it up: hors d'oeuvres
id: 29921
Hi people
id: 29922
This guy gave me a look
id: 29923
Sue chatted with people
id: 29924
"What do you think?" "I don't know"
id: 29925
Looking towards the windows
id: 29926
Kid on the bar!
id: 29927
Who's Sue talking to? Who knows
id: 29928
Alicia and.. person
id: 29929
Alicia and.. other people
id: 29930
Alicia and Sammy!
id: 29931
As Vic and Amanda walked in, Vic looked around, and sloowwly took his World of Warcraft hat off
id: 29932
Alicia and her mom!
id: 29933
Having fun, Bryce?
id: 29934
The Lone Beaver has arrived!
id: 29935
Hiii Brett
id: 29936
With this stool, Bryce could start his own space program. Just throw shit
id: 29937
Bryce and Brett
id: 29938
Brett was having a good time
id: 29939
Vic and Amanda still hung out near the door
id: 29940
Meanwhile, the people I don't know are still here!
id: 29941
Amanda had a sweet Ryo-Ohki backpack
id: 29942
The people who knew Bryce
id: 29943
Mike and Meri!
id: 29944
Mike talks to Alan
id: 29945
Eric and.. person
id: 29946
People at the bar
id: 29947
I don't even know
id: 29948
id: 29949
Standing around..
id: 29950
Colin makes his way to the front of the party
id: 29951
What is Jefferson up to?
id: 29952
Back to the Bryce Zone..
id: 29953
id: 29954
We eventually sat down. I sat across from Mike and Meri
id: 29955
Also Amanda!
id: 29956
This is the best and strangest picture of Alan I've taken yet
id: 29957
Vic and Amanda
id: 29958
I got a fancy nametag
id: 29959
Sammy was impressed with Alan's EVO. I've got to admit the kickstand is handy
id: 29960
Eric makes a speech
id: 29961
Bryce let Sammy sit on his lap
id: 29962
Wes's turn to make a speech
id: 29963
I figured I better do my photographic duty and take some pictures of guests at their tables
id: 29964
id: 29965
More people..
id: 29966
id: 29967
The cool table
id: 29968
People I don't know
id: 29969
Alicia's friends
id: 29970
Other people
id: 29971
Eric and people
id: 29972
Alicia, Bryce's sister Emily, and Alicia's sister Rachel
id: 29973
id: 29974
Back of the restaurant
id: 29975
I liked that wicked old guy
id: 29976
Round table..
id: 29977
I don't know.. people..
id: 29978
Jefferson and brett
id: 29979
id: 29980
Group photo!
id: 29981
No one judged Alan and Bryce when they adopted Sammy
id: 29982
Picture of the day!
id: 29983
Bryce wanted to get a picture with Jefferson and Sammy together
id: 29984
Sammy stepped it up a notch
id: 29985
Sammy loved rubbing his head all over Jefferson. Jefferson was less enthusiastic
id: 29986
The Winants!
id: 29987
Jefferson at the bar
id: 29988
Hey Brett
id: 29989
Bryce and Alicia
id: 29990
Brett and Bryce wait around somewhat awkwardly
id: 29991
What's up, Sue?
id: 29992
Back home! Nice and comfy
id: 29993
A pile of loot!
id: 29994
The clipboard and pen is ready!
id: 29995
Back in comfy clothes
id: 29996
Brett heard my camera clicking away
id: 29997
Whaddya think's inside? MAYBE IT'S CANDY!!
id: 29998
Lucy was pretty excited
id: 29999
Playing with Lucy
id: 30000
Bryce looks super excited
id: 30001
Who's this card from?
id: 30002
Bryce looks even more excited
id: 30003
"It's plates"
id: 30004
Alicia liked the plates better
id: 30005
What's in the giant box?
id: 30006
It's a blender!
id: 30007
Bryce takes a nap
id: 30008
Wine? Now that's something we can all get behind
id: 30009
What's in Vic and Amanda's box?
id: 30010
It's knives! That's why they made Bryce pay a penny for it! Sandy cut her finger while opening it. "My knives!" says Alicia
id: 30011
Bryce is already spending the FYE gift card Brett gave him and Alicia
id: 30012
Hitting the road! We'll just go to FYE!
id: 30013
Brett in the backseat!
id: 30014
Objects in the mirror may be nerdier than they appear
id: 30015
Nice trees
id: 30016
Hey, this tree knows what season it is!
id: 30017
id: 30018
id: 30019
We've arrived in the city
id: 30020
Eyes forward, Brett
id: 30021
We've arrived at FYE!
id: 30022
I can agree with all three things here
id: 30023
Dead Rising 2? That's what we're here for!
id: 30024
Lots of CDs
id: 30025
Right after this picture, an employee asked me to stop taking pictures
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