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10/12/10 - Otaku Generation, hanging with Dave all day while I wait for a bus, and random protest

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id: 30026
Hey, it's Otaku Generation again!
id: 30027
Bryce and Matt on the mics
id: 30028
The show is well underway
id: 30029
Paul, the OG newbie! He's the one who actually watches anime
id: 30030
You can tell a good segment by measuring Bryce's phone usage time
id: 30031
So much tech equipment
id: 30032
Show's over!
id: 30033
What's up, Paul?
id: 30034
Alan in his tech lair
id: 30035
Microphone! How come I don't get a pop filter, hmmm?
id: 30036
Alan's lovely newspaper collection
id: 30037
id: 30038
Hey Rocko!
id: 30039
My bus didn't leave for several hours, and then much later since I missed it, so I spent all day with Dave!
id: 30040
Rocko didn't like the sound of the camera
id: 30041
Baldwin represent
id: 30042
Getting a burrito!
id: 30043
Dave's enormous burrito
id: 30044
What's that trowel for? Moving jalapeno plants! That's waht!
id: 30045
id: 30046
Rocko shows Dave some love
id: 30047
Rocko's not sure what dave is up to
id: 30048
Repotting plants
id: 30049
Rocko was fun to photograph
id: 30050
Dave in plant land
id: 30051
Little plant!
id: 30052
Repotted plant!
id: 30053
Hiii Rocko!
id: 30054
Sleeping dog...
id: 30055
"What was that sound?"
id: 30056
Rocko is ready for his walk
id: 30057
Are YOU ready?
id: 30058
Funky Baldwin elevator!
id: 30059
Taking Rocko for a walk..
id: 30060
Walking along..
id: 30061
Peeing on signs..
id: 30062
It's Davina!
id: 30063
Rocko wants to say hi!
id: 30064
My goal here was to get as close to Rocko as possible without him licking my lens
id: 30065
Davina got Jerry in trouble by mentioning he was going to be home in an hour! Who needs a day off of work then?
id: 30066
Rocko can jump high!
id: 30067
Rocko is so excited
id: 30068
id: 30069
Under the bush!
id: 30070
What's under there?
id: 30071
Anne Burns was working late!
id: 30072
Night walk!
id: 30073
Neat fog in the air while I wait to head into Philly.. again
id: 30074
Train track in the haze
id: 30075
Where's my train?
id: 30076
Nice leaves as seen from the bus
id: 30077
What's with all these news vans?
id: 30078
id: 30079
A bunch of people??
id: 30080
That'll be a tricky move..
id: 30081
Rainbow flags?
id: 30082
It was a pro-gay protest!
id: 30083
I'm not sure that's a sentence..
id: 30084
People were out protesting against Carl Paladino, insane candidate for governor
id: 30085
Lots of rainbow flags
id: 30086
News interviews
id: 30087
This guy knew he was on camera
id: 30088
Waving the flag around
id: 30089
OK, this is pretty much exactly like the picture 3 pictures ago
id: 30090
Gay pride flag! Gotta be careful with the word "flag" in this crowd
id: 30091
So united
id: 30092
Flag in the wind
id: 30093
Everyone get excited!
id: 30094
I thought this sign had a good point
id: 30095
One last interview
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