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10/15/20 - Double rainbow, Perl seminar, and the great furniture reshuffle begins!

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id: 30096
Aw, what a sad monitor
id: 30097
Double rainbow!
id: 30098
No really, check it out!
id: 30099
That's pretty awesome
id: 30100
Now I'm cool
id: 30101
What's over the rainbow? Apparently Subway. Or maybe the Bills stadium
id: 30102
Time for a Synacor field trip!
id: 30103
We're going to the Perl seminar!
id: 30104
Nice tree
id: 30105
Topaz is presenting
id: 30106
Trees and clouds
id: 30107
Driving to the hotel in Dipak's car
id: 30108
"Why are you taking pictures?"
id: 30109
Neat foundtain thing
id: 30110
id: 30111
The Synacorians shuffle onwards
id: 30112
Into the elevator?
id: 30113
That fountain is up here too!
id: 30114
This arrow seems to know what it's talking about
id: 30115
We better follow it
id: 30116
The arrow has led us to a land of pizza!
id: 30117
Everyone settles in
id: 30118
The Synacor room
id: 30119
The pizza table was a popular table
id: 30120
Mmm, pizza and laptops
id: 30121
Eating before the presentation
id: 30122
Dipak likes pizza too. He's only human
id: 30123
Dipak keeps up with his reputation as candy distributor extraordinaire
id: 30124
Topaz preps his laptop
id: 30125
Walia makes some last minute notes
id: 30126
Passing a signup sheet around
id: 30127
All ready to go?
id: 30128
Hey look, it's Perl!
id: 30129
Who doesn't love Perl?
id: 30130
Proj365 picture!
id: 30131
I made some origami
id: 30132
A proud recipient of the Perl book prize
id: 30133
Dipak had Topaz and Walia sign it
id: 30134
Well that was fun
id: 30135
Let's all get out of here
id: 30136
Looking at notes?
id: 30137
Hey, it's a laptop, not a carry-around-top
id: 30138
Hey Adam
id: 30139
Hey wait, these streams of water have plastic tubes in them!
id: 30140
The forbidden screen! I won't look at the Retina display, because then I'll want one!
id: 30141
What's this madness back at the office?
id: 30142
Cables everywhere
id: 30143
Various chunks of cubes?
id: 30144
The destruction is spreading
id: 30145
These chairs are trapped!
id: 30146
How do they keep track of what goes where?
id: 30147
That's not the exit!
id: 30148
Rerouting cables
id: 30149
It looks like I took a flash picture of this guy, but he just had a flashlight
id: 30150
The chairs are making a run for it
id: 30151
Go! Live in freedom!
id: 30152
Beager looks pretty comfy in Beanbag Village
id: 30153
Lots of holes in the ceiling these days..
id: 30154
Canz is enjoying the creative area
id: 30155
The chairs have made some progress in their escape attempt
id: 30156
At this rate, they'll never make it
id: 30157
Synacor: Home of the freerange chairs
id: 30158
Another rainbow!?
id: 30159
This one isn't as impressive
id: 30160
But I still took some pictures of it
id: 30161
If this keeps up, I'm going to have to buy some Lucky Charms.. or something
id: 30162
Interesting lighting at this red light
id: 30163
Sunset and a still wet road
id: 30164
See? Interesting pictures can happen when you least expect them
id: 30165
A neat sky over Regency Court
id: 30166
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