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10/18/10 - The new desk construction gets underway at Synacor

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id: 30167
I cooked some vegetables!
id: 30168
Holy crap!
id: 30169
We came back after the weekend and all the cubes were gone!
id: 30170
John Kavanagh, as we all know, likes spacious areas
id: 30171
More ladders going up into mysterious ceiling holes
id: 30172
Cables everywhere!
id: 30173
The lifeblood of our company
id: 30174
id: 30175
Criss cross
id: 30176
Boxes full of future workstations
id: 30177
The construction begins
id: 30178
It must be weird to be the guy whose desk opens into the void
id: 30179
More boxes arrive
id: 30180
Progress is being made!
id: 30181
Why does the mallot have to be bright orange?
id: 30182
An oddly menacing drill
id: 30183
Various parts
id: 30184
This place is a mess!
id: 30185
Let's build a fort!
id: 30186
The parting of the cables
id: 30187
Living on the edge!
id: 30188
"Do you see what they're doing over there?"
id: 30189
"Get off my lawn!"
id: 30190
id: 30191
The creative area is also on the edge of the void
id: 30192
Construction continues its march across the empty area
id: 30193
More bookshelves
id: 30194
This guy liked to make fun of me for taking pictures (the one pointing)
id: 30195
Not quit edone yet..
id: 30196
The floor is a mess!
id: 30197
Now it's easier than ever to steal someone's filing cabinet!
id: 30198
id: 30199
We have actual desk sightings!
id: 30200
This corner still needs surfaces
id: 30201
Ladder pile
id: 30202
Looking from near Topaz's cube
id: 30203
The filing cabinets are pretty neat
id: 30204
Matt checks out hte new area
id: 30205
These look like they'll hold
id: 30206
What do you think, Matt?
id: 30207
When the construction workers left, the Synacorians came out of their hidey holes to investigate
id: 30208
Oh ho, plans for us to analyze
id: 30209
id: 30210
Still al ot of work left
id: 30211
Matt takes a look around
id: 30212
This is going to take forever
id: 30213
In the meantime, let's use this space while we have it!
id: 30214
Get the ball!
id: 30215
Go, Beager, go!
id: 30216
Kevin has found a new hidey hole
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