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10/22/10 - Desk construction is completed, another Perl seminar, and messing with Steve

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id: 30217
You can't stop progress!
id: 30218
Strange cylinders
id: 30219
So many desks
id: 30220
Tools everywhere
id: 30221
id: 30222
This guy would ask where my camera was if I walked by without it
id: 30223
id: 30224
We have little walls now!
id: 30225
Poor Topaz was staying at my place and ran out of clean t-shirts, so I picked out some of my lamer shirts
id: 30226
The walls are growing
id: 30227
The bookshelves are moving in
id: 30228
This doesn't look right..
id: 30229
A finished area!
id: 30230
Topaz took this picture of me.. it's oddly disturbing
id: 30231
I was sick, so I was in a hoodie and blanket all day
id: 30232
I can actually see out of that little flap.. but you can't see me!
id: 30233
id: 30234
The chairs really stink
id: 30235
id: 30236
Chair party
id: 30237
Finishing up some of the last desks
id: 30238
The "Awkward Table"
id: 30239
Everyone was clearly super stoked to move in
id: 30240
Beager gives the chairs a try
id: 30241
That's it, get comfy
id: 30242
Shawn was uncertain
id: 30243
These holes into the next aisle over are sort of weird
id: 30244
Everyone came over to check out the new area
id: 30245
You can see peoples' heads all the way across the room
id: 30246
Camera showdown!
id: 30247
Topaz contemplates the new work area
id: 30248
The filing cabinets double as chairs
id: 30249
What do you think, Matt?
id: 30250
Topaz is not a big fan
id: 30251
Shiny tops to the columns
id: 30252
Beager jumps in on the picture
id: 30253
The CMS area!
id: 30254
Matt and John
id: 30255
My workstation!
id: 30256
"This isn't necessarily permanent!"
id: 30257
We have a window!
id: 30258
Finally, a window! Look at the clouds!
id: 30259
Neat clouds over the skyway
id: 30260
The view from the beanbag near the window. I ended up using the beanbag almost all the time because I didn't like the chairs
id: 30261
All set in my new workstation
id: 30262
This picture is out of focus, but I liked it
id: 30263
The windows are so reflective at night!
id: 30264
Everyone drew crap on their whiteboards
id: 30265
Perl seminar, part two!
id: 30266
Spiral staircase!
id: 30267
I probably shouldn't have even come to this.. I was still really sick
id: 30268
Getting ready to learn about Perl
id: 30269
Is the projector really broken?
id: 30270
Maybe if we keep hitting the buttons..
id: 30271
Synacor bags!
id: 30272
The seminar gets underway
id: 30273
When I came back, this was how I found Steve's desk
id: 30274
Careful, Steve!
id: 30275
Beager made a Creeper papercraft!
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