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10/26/10 - Cats, goofing off at work, and crazy clouds

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id: 30276
The kitties love their computer-side bed
id: 30277
What's going on over there?
id: 30278
Hi Neil
id: 30279
Neil wonders about the strange clicking sound
id: 30280
These stickers have been turning up all over the place..
id: 30281
Beager's looking pretty snazzy in his tie
id: 30282
But he's still ready to throw down
id: 30283
Target acquired
id: 30284
Christmas cactus?
id: 30285
Whoa, crazy storm front coming in!
id: 30286
It dropped a few tornadoes to the south
id: 30287
All these pictures were taken while blindly pointing the camera out the window while driving
id: 30288
Wild clouds
id: 30289
I've never seen anything like it
id: 30290
This was taken over my shoulder
id: 30291
This is me trying to take a picture of wind
id: 30292
A slightly better "wind' picture
id: 30293
The clouds are catching up! Curse you, red lights!
id: 30294
I finally found a parking lot where I could stop and take some pictures
id: 30295
Human power and nature's power
id: 30296
The sky got dark very quickly
id: 30297
Just after this picture was taken, it started downpouring
id: 30298
I tried to chase the stom, but traffic foiled me!
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