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10/29/10 - I fly to Washington DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity and visit the Air and Space Museum!!

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id: 30305
This is not my airplane
id: 30306
This one is!
id: 30307
Gotta love a window seat
id: 30308
Airplanes are fun?
id: 30309
Magical flying tube
id: 30310
I could see the moon above the wing!
id: 30311
id: 30312
I love being above the clouds
id: 30313
The sky is noticeably darker at this altitude
id: 30314
GPS still works!
id: 30315
The clouds are breaking up
id: 30316
A glimpse of the ground
id: 30317
GPS worked, but maps are loaded from the internet, so all I had was our path on a blank background
id: 30318
Descending for landing
id: 30319
This picture isn't great, but it includes the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Capitol building, and (somewhere) the Rally stage!
id: 30320
Looking out over DC and the surrounding area
id: 30321
id: 30322
We're under the clouds again
id: 30323
Getting lower..
id: 30324
Flaps engaged! ..I think
id: 30325
Banking to the right
id: 30326
Shadows of clouds
id: 30327
Fall is a nice time to fly. Lots of colors on the ground
id: 30328
Changing leaves!
id: 30329
You can see the Washington Monument from the airport!
id: 30330
They just let us out right on the ground here!
id: 30331
Unloading bags
id: 30332
This is how we're getting back to the terminal
id: 30333
I've always wanted to walk down the door stairs
id: 30334
Good plane, didn't crash
id: 30335
Whoa, snazzy airport
id: 30336
What's this guy talking about?
id: 30337
Ooo, I think I found my Halloween costume
id: 30338
Where the hell am I?
id: 30339
Waiting at the pickup for Caitlin
id: 30340
Weird rainbowy thing on the bridge
id: 30341
Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial!
id: 30342
This guy's on a segway!
id: 30343
You can see Washington Monument from everywhere, it seems
id: 30344
Caitlin took me on an impromptu, and not entirely planned, tour of the city
id: 30345
There it is again!
id: 30346
In Fallout 3, the Jefferson Memorial is swarming with super-mutants. Not this one though
id: 30347
You can tell we're close since this was taken out of the sunroof
id: 30348
I managed to snag "special guest" tickets to the Rally!
id: 30349
It's a good thing I read the back.. I showed up nearly four hours early to make sure I made it in, and wound up with great seats!
id: 30350
Caitlin got me lunch at some French place
id: 30351
id: 30352
It's SpaceShipOne!!
id: 30353
It's actually SpaceShipOne!!! The first manned commercial spacecraft! Right there!
id: 30354
A, a lovely plaque talking about Friendship 7, the first American orbital mission. And what's this next to the plaque..
id: 30355
Holy crap, it's Friendship 7! The actual Mercury spacecraft that carried John Glenn around the earth in 1962!
id: 30356
A sweet mockup of Explorer 1, America's first satellite
id: 30357
That's a beautiful heat shield. It looks like it could be an Apollo capsule's heat shield. Let's check out the other side
id: 30358
Sweet Zombie Jesus, it's Apollo 11! The first manned mission to land on the moon!
id: 30359
Buzz Aldrin sat here on during launch and reentry during Apollo 11. Incredible
id: 30360
The Apollo control panel
id: 30361
Looking deeper into the capsule
id: 30362
So many switches
id: 30363
I can almost touch it!
id: 30364
A closeup of the heat shield
id: 30365
A replica of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite
id: 30366
A closeup of the Sputnik replica
id: 30367
The actual Bell X-1, the first aircraft to exceed the speed of sound in level, controlled flight
id: 30368
Pioneer H, an actual Pioneer spacecraft built from the spare (flight ready) parts of the other two probes
id: 30369
It's much larger than I imagined
id: 30370
This is the actual door Ed White stepped out of in 1965 on America's first spacewalk. Incredible.
id: 30371
A wider shot of Gemini IV
id: 30372
Space nerd heaven right here
id: 30373
The Viking lander, first vehicle to make a soft landing on the surface of Mars. I'm not sure if this is just a replica or a test vehicle
id: 30374
The robot arm that scooped through the soil looking for life, 30 million miles away
id: 30375
Stardust! I believe this is made from backup hardware. Also note the insanely huge block of aerogel!
id: 30376
Me standing next to Viking!
id: 30377
Sputnik, an X-15, and Pioneer H
id: 30378
This picture is pretty similar to the previous one, but I liked them both
id: 30379
The plaque for Gemini IV
id: 30380
Looking inside the tiny capsule
id: 30381
Jim Lovell and Frank Borman spent two weeks in an identical capsule!
id: 30382
The Gemini IV door again
id: 30383
Robert Goddard's rocket, the first liquid fueled one. I'm not sure if this is a replica or not
id: 30384
Another one of Goddard's rockets under the X-15
id: 30385
The Hubble Space Telescope is enormous!!
id: 30386
I had no idea how huge it was!
id: 30387
A mockup of Skylab
id: 30388
A V2 replica, the first ballistic missile
id: 30389
It advanced rocket technology by so much.. but at what cost?
id: 30390
Various early rocket designs
id: 30391
A mockup of the Apollo/Soyuz mission!
id: 30392
The Dynasoar! An early lifting body vehicle
id: 30393
A scale model of the Saturn V vs the Soviet moon rocket: The N1
id: 30394
The Soviet era Soyuz vehicle
id: 30395
I still can't get over how huge the Hubble is
id: 30396
The Skylab solar panel
id: 30397
John Glenn was apparently some kind of midget! Not really, it's just an exceedingly tight suit
id: 30398
An actual Lunar Module!
id: 30399
This was built for an unmanned test, but never flew
id: 30400
Oh man, how I'd love to go through that door
id: 30401
A model of one of the Surveyor probes! The first American probes to land on the moon
id: 30402
Instructions on how to refill the water tank
id: 30403
Unmanned probe, and manned lander
id: 30404
What an ungainly beast
id: 30405
See? An actual lunar module!
id: 30406
The back of the spacecraft
id: 30407
This guy was saying that Apollo astronauts ate tiny food chunks which expanded in their stomach. I've never heard that before
id: 30408
Me standing in front of the Lunar Module
id: 30409
Where's Pluto? Who cares! Not a planet!
id: 30410
Thermal camera, cool!
id: 30411
Say cheese!
id: 30412
A neat "tactile" model of the smoothness of the universe over time
id: 30413
The actual backup mirror for the Hubble. It's see through because it was never coated with aluminum
id: 30414
Wow, all that hardware wrapped around this tiny CCD
id: 30415
The CCD taking this picture is larger than the Hubble's!
id: 30416
Up close with the Surveyor probe
id: 30417
Looking down on the Lunar Module
id: 30418
The beautiful F-1 engine from the Saturn V's first stage
id: 30419
They used mirrors to reconstruct the view of the five engine cluster on the back of the Saturn V
id: 30420
An actual early model of the Lunar Module. They sure changed a lot!
id: 30421
Gene Kranz's white vest that he wore during the Apollo 13 mission
id: 30422
An Apollo Command Module panel
id: 30423
The quarantine suit worn by Buzz Aldrin upon his return from the moon
id: 30424
Various Apollo 11 artifacts
id: 30425
I had to constantly remind myself that these were the real deal
id: 30426
The things these sunglasses have seen..
id: 30427
Some dubious artifacts
id: 30428
The hatch on the Apollo 11 Command Module
id: 30429
Complex machinery!
id: 30430
A moon rock!
id: 30431
Caitlin and I went into the Skylab mockup
id: 30432
id: 30433
Inside Skylab
id: 30434
Such an enormous pressurized volume!
id: 30435
Whoa, the anti-gravity can must've been really expensive
id: 30436
An Apollo capsule used during the Skylab mission
id: 30437
This is the fourth one I've seen!
id: 30438
Some details on the capsule
id: 30439
The Wright Flyer: the first heavier than air aircraft
id: 30440
This is the genuine vehicle!
id: 30441
The only change is that they Smithsonian replaced the canvas when it started deteriorating
id: 30442
I just had to get a picture in front of this.
id: 30443
It's weird that they essentially flew it backwards
id: 30444
id: 30445
Caitlin was way more into this than the space stuff
id: 30446
See? I told you it was real
id: 30447
A sample of the original canvas
id: 30448
Up close with the X-15
id: 30449
And quite a blast!
id: 30450
Looking down on Apollo 11
id: 30451
The Spirit of St. Louis, SpaceShipOne, and X-1
id: 30452
This room is just overwhelming
id: 30453
A sideways view of the X-15
id: 30454
Neato dome, and a probe I don't recognize
id: 30455
The Lockheed Starfighter!
id: 30456
Some details on the Starfighter
id: 30457
Some neat airplanes
id: 30458
It's tough to get quite as excited about the planes, after coming from the space area
id: 30459
The first human powered aircraft!
id: 30460
Unmanned air vehicles, now these are interesting
id: 30461
An early UAV
id: 30462
One of Boeing's UAVs
id: 30463
The infamous Predator
id: 30464
The DarkStar, I've never heard of this
id: 30465
Some details on the predator
id: 30466
And the DarkStar
id: 30467
Tons of airplanes!
id: 30468
The rear of SpaceShipOne
id: 30469
Apollo 11.. just right there!
id: 30470
I love how the wax from the thermal reentry tests are still there
id: 30471
Friendship 7 again
id: 30472
Are you saying I can.. reach out and grab da mooooon?
id: 30473
Da mooooon!!
id: 30474
Looking into Apollo 11 again
id: 30475
The glare was a little frustrating, but I couldn't get enough of it
id: 30476
That incredible control panle
id: 30477
Steve Fossett's around-the-world balloon capsule
id: 30478
The rear of the capsule
id: 30479
Looking in the window
id: 30480
The front of the Air and Space Museum
id: 30481
Interesting sculpture out front
id: 30482
Looking across the mall
id: 30483
What's that being set up down there?
id: 30484
It's the Rally stage! I can't wait until tomorrow!
id: 30485
A fellow Rally-goer
id: 30486
It's the Pentagon!
id: 30487
It's such a huge building
id: 30488
The Pentagon and Washington Monument
id: 30489
An interesting Air Force monument or memorial thing
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