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10/30/10 - I go to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!!

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id: 30500
Metro stations are neat
id: 30501
These banners were all over the place. I like it
id: 30502
I can tell what rally these guys are going to!
id: 30503
The signs were consistently awesome
id: 30504
I knew I should've bought a t-shirt
id: 30505
Hey, now that's an ad I can get behind
id: 30506
Looks like I'm heading in the right direction
id: 30507
The National Mall at last!
id: 30508
Big building
id: 30509
"Want a rally towel?" "Hell yeah, I want a rally towel!"
id: 30510
The crowd is already pretty big and the rally doesn't start for more than three hours!
id: 30511
Another sign I can get behind
id: 30512
This is a crappy picture, but it shows the entrance to the "Special Guest" area, where I got to watch the rally
id: 30513
Even Fox showed up!
id: 30514
I wish I brought a blanket to sit on..
id: 30515
The Capitol!
id: 30516
The rally stage at last!
id: 30517
This is the view from my "seat" Not bad at all!!
id: 30518
Sound tests..
id: 30519
Indeed you can!
id: 30520
The big screens played various clips to get the audience riled up
id: 30521
The cranecam they used to get overhead shots of the crowd
id: 30522
Lots of cameras pointing at the main stage
id: 30523
Quizzes popped up to keep the crowd entertained
id: 30524
Hey I know that guy
id: 30525
Hey, I'm closer than the teleprompter!
id: 30526
Technicians get the stage ready
id: 30527
Wow, this crowd is really growing
id: 30528
The view behind me. I'm glad I showed up early!
id: 30529
The view in front of me!
id: 30530
People were packed in tight
id: 30531
id: 30532
How do I get one of those VIP passes?
id: 30533
The Captiol with the rally stage
id: 30534
One of the political slogans from this election season
id: 30535
Christine O'Donnell might not be a witch, but these ladies were!
id: 30536
I asked Bill the volunteer to take my picture.
id: 30537
More signs I can get behind
id: 30538
Came from Kentucky to what?
id: 30539
Ack, good call!
id: 30540
I wish I had thought of this!
id: 30541
Bill the volunteer!
id: 30542
The crowd continues to grow!
id: 30543
Cheer for the camera!
id: 30544
Camera guy was into it
id: 30545
It's Sam Waterston! Aka Jack McCoy from Law & Order!
id: 30546
I thought this guy was Bill Nye for a second
id: 30547
A tea party witch!
id: 30548
id: 30549
More funny signs
id: 30550
By the time I made it there, I couldn't find any trace of the store!
id: 30551
The Captiol is a great backdrop for this event
id: 30552
It's almost time!!
id: 30553
A perfectly reasonable sign
id: 30554
So many people!
id: 30555
It just keeps going!
id: 30556
The view directly behind me
id: 30557
The countdown has begun!
id: 30558
The back of the stage was open so you could see the Capitol
id: 30559
A tuba??
id: 30560
An overhead view of the crowd immediately in front of the stage
id: 30561
The Roots warm up the crowd with some pretty awesome music
id: 30562
Screen and stage
id: 30563
Bumblebee guy! I kept seeing him all day
id: 30564
The VIP area is still filling up
id: 30565
Let's get polite in public!
id: 30566
The crowd was loving the music
id: 30567
Another reasonable sign
id: 30568
Those people had a good view!
id: 30569
The roots continue their performance, and the volunteers continue guiding people in
id: 30570
John Legend came out and everyone went insane
id: 30571
I don't know who he is, but he plays piano pretty well!
id: 30572
Don't drink the kool-aid!
id: 30573
Another anti-tea party sign
id: 30574
Carebear kid!
id: 30575
John Legend and The Roots wrap up their show starter
id: 30576
It's the Mythbusters!!
id: 30577
Adam up on the big screen
id: 30578
Look at how enormous the crowd is!!
id: 30579
Doing the wave!
id: 30580
Adam and Jamie!
id: 30581
The wave coming back from the far end of the rally
id: 30582
It was pretty bizarre to actually see them right there
id: 30583
Adam explains how the next part of the wave experiment is going to work
id: 30584
The wave in progress
id: 30585
In the next experiment, the crowd had to make different sounds. Laughing, crying, etc
id: 30586
Laughing like a mad scientist was pretty funny to hear
id: 30587
Cheering was easy
id: 30588
Next, the entire audience jumped at once while geologists watched seismometer readings
id: 30589
Everyone jump!
id: 30590
Checking the results
id: 30591
We were something like 100 trillion times weaker than a small earthquake. Bummer
id: 30592
Jon Stewart takes the stage!
id: 30593
It's Jon Stewart in the flesh!
id: 30594
Up on the big screen
id: 30595
Troops singing the national anthem
id: 30596
They didn't even cheat with the teleprompter
id: 30597
It's Aasif Mandvi!
id: 30598
He's coming closer!
id: 30599
Climbing over the barrier?
id: 30600
He looks kind of grumpy
id: 30601
Back to normal!
id: 30602
He preps the two girls in front of me. He's going to interview them!
id: 30603
Here comes our camera guy!
id: 30604
Camera guy!
id: 30605
Aasif Mandvi interviewing the girls in front of me
id: 30606
Straight from that camera to the big screens all over the mall
id: 30607
id: 30608
A poorly taken picture of me up on the big screen!
id: 30609
Stephen Colbert is down in his underground bunker!
id: 30610
Come up, Stephen!
id: 30611
A blast of steam came out of the stage
id: 30612
Workers gathered around Colbert's rising chamber
id: 30613
Here he comes!
id: 30614
Colbert emerges from beneath the stage in a capsule reminiscent of the Chilean mining incident
id: 30615
He's almost free
id: 30616
Stephen Colbert bounds from his chamber
id: 30617
Running around with a Chilean flag
id: 30618
Go, Colbert, go!
id: 30619
I love his suit
id: 30620
Colbert and Stewart get started
id: 30621
Father Guido Sarducci comes out to perform the benediction
id: 30622
Father Sarducci up on the big screen
id: 30623
Man, I really was close
id: 30624
Colbert changes into something a little more comfortable
id: 30625
Mr. Fear himself
id: 30626
Sam Waterston reads Colbert's introductory poem
id: 30627
The most trusted actor in the country!
id: 30628
I could read the text head of time on the prompter
id: 30629
Yusef! Aka Cat Stevens
id: 30630
id: 30631
Everyone went wild when he came out
id: 30632
Cat Stevens up on the big screen and in person!
id: 30633
Stephen Colbert couldn't abide by Yusef's "Peace Train" and put a stop to it
id: 30634
Ozzy Osborne appeared on stage!
id: 30635
He sang "Crazy Train"!
id: 30636
Ozzy Osborne!
id: 30637
Colbert rocked out
id: 30638
Crazy traaaain
id: 30639
Jon Stewart was pissed
id: 30640
Jon Stewart puts a stop to the Crazy Train
id: 30641
Yusef sings again
id: 30642
Ozzy Osborne and Cat Stevens work together!
id: 30643
Never thought I'd see this at all, let alone in person
id: 30644
The O-Jays took the stage to sing a song we could all get behind.. "Love Train"!
id: 30645
That's a train I want to be on!
id: 30646
The VIP area really filled up
id: 30647
The O-Jays performing
id: 30648
Everyone sang along
id: 30649
Jon Stewart takes the stage again
id: 30650
In this segment, we visit people who had temporary lapses in reason
id: 30651
Steven Slater taped a pro-reasonableness message for the rally
id: 30652
I don't know this celebrity, but she freaked out in public, so taped a message for the rally as well
id: 30653
This guy got an award for being such a cool guy when he lost his perfect (baseball) game to a bad call
id: 30654
NPR was called out by Colbert for encouraging fear by not allowing NPR employees to attend the rally
id: 30655
In NPR's absence, Colbert gave the award to "a seven year old girl"
id: 30656
Colbert presenting the award
id: 30657
Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples also performed
id: 30658
id: 30659
Ariana Huffington of the Huffington Post walked by!
id: 30660
Velma Hart was given an award for posing difficult but reasonable questions to the President
id: 30661
Anderson Cooper's Black T-shirt was given a fear award, because it only goes where disaster strikes
id: 30662
It looks like someone attached a camera to a balloon!
id: 30663
P.K. Winsome hocked some products to the crowd
id: 30664
Jon Stewart comes back on stage in a spiffy American flag sweater
id: 30665
Colbert has a similar sweater
id: 30666
They debated (in song) who was more American
id: 30667
Who's more American?
id: 30668
The audience sang along!
id: 30669
"Cause we're the greatest, strongest, country in the world!"
id: 30670
The audience was really into it
id: 30671
It's mindblowing how many people were in the audience
id: 30672
In the end, they decided to work together
id: 30673
Mick Foley had a taped message
id: 30674
And he also came out on stage!
id: 30675
Mick Foley was given an award for being supremely reasonable.. everywhere but his day job
id: 30676
Mick Foley talks to the audience
id: 30677
Colbert gave Mark Zuckerberg a fear award for his privacy stance with Facebook
id: 30678
The "Dude, you have no Koran" guy!
id: 30679
He was psyched to be here
id: 30680
But then he unexpectedly wound up..
id: 30681
..and hurled his award into the audience!
id: 30682
Kid Rock was next to perform
id: 30683
He played the keyboard
id: 30684
Sheryl Crow came out to perform with him
id: 30685
Sheryl Crow up on the big screen
id: 30686
Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow getting the crowd worked up
id: 30687
Jon Stewart's back in his suit!
id: 30688
Preparing to give a speech from the podium
id: 30689
Colbert couldn't let Stewart just speak to the audience unopposed
id: 30690
He challenged Stewart to the first ever Colbert/Stewart Formidable Opponent
id: 30691
Colbert needs a podium!
id: 30692
Dueling podiums!
id: 30693
Another camera doing the rounds
id: 30694
This guy had a spiffy lens
id: 30695
The spiffy lens club
id: 30696
I'm guessing the yellow tape is to color code his camera bodies
id: 30697
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!2
id: 30698
Colbert winds up for a really high high five
id: 30699
Jump, Stephen, jump!
id: 30700
R2D2 also came out on stage!
id: 30701
I believe he got some kind of award
id: 30702
id: 30703
Giant Puppet Colbert!
id: 30704
He's huge!
id: 30705
Ahh, scary news media montage!
id: 30706
I like the giant pen
id: 30707
I thought the text on the teleprompter was funny
id: 30708
John Oliver comes to save Jon Stewart
id: 30709
Don't let the evil news media kill you!
id: 30710
Nice suit, Oliver
id: 30711
Colbert and Giant Colbert melting!
id: 30712
Jacob Isom in the crowd, with a beer!
id: 30713
Jon Stewart takes the stage again to make his closing remarks
id: 30714
He pointed out how everyone can cooperate and work together to merge traffic into a narrow tunnel, why not in the real world?
id: 30715
Me at the end of the Rally!
id: 30716
Stewart wraps up his speech
id: 30717
Tony Bennett sang America the Beautiful
id: 30718
He was great!
id: 30719
Yaaay, Tony Bennett
id: 30720
All things must end, even the rally
id: 30721
All the guests came back on stage to say goodbye
id: 30722
Credits roll
id: 30723
What an unlikely group of individuals
id: 30724
Goodbye everyone!
id: 30725
We shut down a Metro station!
id: 30726
Let's all calm down!
id: 30727
The Washington Monument
id: 30728
A better view of the Rally Stage
id: 30729
America Man?
id: 30730
I love how the stage frames the Capitol
id: 30731
The Rally stage!
id: 30732
Me posing in front of the Rally stage
id: 30733
The cranecam up close
id: 30734
Looking down the crane
id: 30735
I wish these were my seats!
id: 30736
Security on the stage
id: 30737
Bumblebee man returns!
id: 30738
Dance, bumblebee man!
id: 30739
Well who is, really?
id: 30740
Now that's a positive message
id: 30741
You've got to love all the signs
id: 30742
Tons of rally-goers wandered over to the Capitol reflecting pool
id: 30743
The United States Capitol!
id: 30744
A tighter shot of the Capitol
id: 30745
Me in front of the Capitol!
id: 30746
Forest! Junny!
id: 30747
Getting closer to the Capitol
id: 30748
It's an enormous building
id: 30749
He's just a Bill up on Capitol Hill!
id: 30750
Everyone loved the Bill
id: 30751
This was as close as I could get to the Capitol
id: 30752
I missed the last tour
id: 30753
Looking back down the Mall
id: 30754
It's a long way down the Mall
id: 30755
Looking back on the Capitol
id: 30756
The Capitol with my rally towel
id: 30757
Lots of people hanging around
id: 30758
There's 18 acres of floorspace in there!
id: 30759
The view from where I lay on my back for half an hour in front of the Capitol
id: 30760
Meteors are scary
id: 30761
Why is the Green Ranger here?
id: 30762
Neat wind power
id: 30763
More Rally signs
id: 30764
Goodbye, Capitol!
id: 30765
This sign shouldn't exist!
id: 30766
The Capitol Hillbillies!
id: 30767
I'm not sure why.. but OK
id: 30768
I hate filibusters!
id: 30769
The pool in front of the Native American museum sprung a leak!
id: 30770
So much water!
id: 30771
I decided to stop by the Air and Space Museum again!
id: 30772
Awesome painting
id: 30773
I still cannot get over this room
id: 30774
id: 30775
A closeup on the diagnostic thermal wax
id: 30776
The "SpaceShipOne" label
id: 30777
FAA number!
id: 30778
Looking into Friendship 7
id: 30779
I don't know how they even got John Glenn in there
id: 30780
These bundles of wires seem a bit sketchy
id: 30781
It's incredible that these things flew at all
id: 30782
id: 30783
There's an American flag somewhere on the surface of Mars
id: 30784
I believe this is one of the descent engines
id: 30785
I guess the creator of the "down with signs" sign took it to heart
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