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10/31/10 - Halloween party, breakfast with Caitlin and Brandon, and flying home!

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id: 30786
Caitlin brought me to her friends' Halloween party!
id: 30787
She went as Smurfette!
id: 30788
Spiffy "Adventure Time" costume
id: 30789
Caitlin's all blue!
id: 30790
She used so much paint!
id: 30791
It was tough not to get it everywhere
id: 30792
It was also someone's birthday!
id: 30793
Did you know the happy birthday song is copyrighted?
id: 30794
Caitlin sings along
id: 30795
id: 30796
Getting limes ready for tequila slaps!
id: 30797
Do a shot..
id: 30798
..get slapped!
id: 30799
Do a shot...
id: 30800
...get slapped! It's not a very fun game.
id: 30801
But it was fun to watch
id: 30802
Brandon dropped me and Caitlin off to get a seat at the diner while he parked
id: 30803
Yaaay, breakfast at a diner
id: 30804
Caitlin and Brandon
id: 30805
Are you kidding me??
id: 30806
I don't know.. seems like an awful lot of candy for one night of trick or treating!
id: 30807
Zeke! Caitlin's awesome dog!
id: 30808
He's part corgi so he has stumpy little legs!
id: 30809
The Air Force memorial in the distance
id: 30810
The Pentagon!
id: 30811
Project 365 picture in the airport!
id: 30812
My airplane!
id: 30813
What are those things hanging from the plane?
id: 30814
Another airplane
id: 30815
Looking down the cabin
id: 30816
An Eagles plane!
id: 30817
Bryce will like that
id: 30818
The view never gets old
id: 30819
I'm a big fan of this shot
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