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11/08/10 - Winter arrives, a few pictures around the office, and we get sushi on Topaz's birthday!

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id: 30821
Snow can't be far behind
id: 30822
A big huge ship with a crane went by in the river
id: 30823
It's always weird to see ships this large pass through
id: 30824
It's like a piece of the landscape is moving
id: 30825
Our various team names
id: 30826
Topaz, Kate, and I got sushi to celebrate Topaz's birthday!
id: 30827
Scary hibachi man
id: 30828
Topaz tried to guess what his present was with his eyes closed
id: 30829
What could it be? Spoiler: it's an iPod shuffle!
id: 30830
Topaz let the chef decide what he got.. and look what he got!
id: 30831
It's got a cool light in it!
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