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11/12/10 - The first batch of AnimeUSA 2010 photos, and I finish my touristy tour of DC: even the White House!

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id: 30832
I made the airport bus!
id: 30833
On the plane!
id: 30834
Night flights don't offer as many sight seeing opportunities, but the lights are cool!
id: 30835
I'm not sure what city this is, but it sure looks cool from the air!
id: 30836
So much light pollution
id: 30837
The exposed elevators at the Hyatt in Crystal City!
id: 30838
The neat lights on the roof
id: 30839
People signing up early to get their badges
id: 30840
This door kept breaking all weekend
id: 30841
It's only Thursday and there's already a line
id: 30842
Anime USA!
id: 30843
Is that all we are to these people? Anime Convention?
id: 30844
Our hotel room!
id: 30845
Bryce checks out the program
id: 30846
Brian and his girlfriend Kitty
id: 30847
Bryce is already tired and we haven't even started yet
id: 30848
Nice hat, Brian
id: 30849
Ready to rock!
id: 30850
Flashes are bright
id: 30851
The flash put Bryce into zombie mode
id: 30852
Bryce brought his Persona hat
id: 30853
Getting decorations set up
id: 30854
Jefferson was working Registration!
id: 30855
Brian and Alan
id: 30856
"Sign this"
id: 30857
The Anime USA mascot
id: 30858
Brian is a puffer fish
id: 30859
It's Mckeed!
id: 30860
Ah, yes, that's the Mckeed I know.
id: 30861
Looking for t-shirts
id: 30862
id: 30863
Bryce and Mckeed wait around for the Vicmobile to show up
id: 30864
Alan always makes the same face when he spots a camera
id: 30865
"Put the damn camera down and help me move the server!"
id: 30866
Waiting around in the lobby with a pile of stuff
id: 30867
Amanda carrying some stuff
id: 30868
Nice pillow, Mckeed
id: 30869
Mckeed sets up the screen
id: 30870
Getting the VAT ready
id: 30871
Alan brought juice boxes!
id: 30872
Bryce marvels over the amazing prizes we'll be giving out.. namely the ones that last year's winner didn't want
id: 30873
Vic gets the server ready
id: 30874
There's that look again!
id: 30875
Getting the VAT set up doesn't take too long
id: 30876
Rinny stopped by to say hi!
id: 30877
Joy works on some last minute alterations to her Error-chan costume
id: 30878
Hey Amanda
id: 30879
Bryce basically just wandered around
id: 30880
Vic sets up some connections in the server
id: 30881
I can never resist a closeup of a mixer
id: 30882
Mckeed and Joanna
id: 30883
Jeff plays with his trusty iPhone
id: 30884
Mckeed and Joanna investigate my G2
id: 30885
It was too late to use this for my picture of the day, but I still liked it
id: 30886
I found this thing in the staff hallway. Looks like a timebomb
id: 30887
Wii time!
id: 30888
Bryce recreates the logo to his website
id: 30889
What's up, Rinny?
id: 30890
Mckeed gets the playlist for his panel together
id: 30891
If we don't do it ahead of time, it's usually a disaster
id: 30892
Whoa, hey Jeff
id: 30893
The control booth. Well.. really more like, the control corner
id: 30894
Jeff and Joy hanging out in the control booth
id: 30895
I imagine this is how Vic edits his videos at home.. two computers, orange soda.. tupperware..
id: 30896
The view of the Hyatt lobby roof as seen from above
id: 30897
The Hyatt lobby!
id: 30898
The cosplayers are out today!
id: 30899
Metro stations continue to be neat
id: 30900
Slipping away from the con for a few hours, I spent a few hours checking out the city!
id: 30901
I missed my stop, so got off at Archives, which is the stop I used to get to the Rally
id: 30902
Playing frisbee on the Mall
id: 30903
Hey, where did the Rally go?? This picture was taken from approximately the same place I stood for the Rally
id: 30904
The Capitol! Today, this was the closest I got
id: 30905
My first target for the day.. the Washington Monument
id: 30906
I was going to say hi to the spacecraft in the main room at the Air and Space museum.. but the line was out the door and I'm on a schedule!
id: 30907
A merry-go-round on the Mall
id: 30908
I just took this for James
id: 30909
Some neat looking church
id: 30910
What the hell is going on here?
id: 30911
It's some crazy group shooting promotional photos for pneumonia awareness or something
id: 30912
Other people got in on the action
id: 30913
Walking along the mall
id: 30914
The Monument is a destination for a lot of people
id: 30915
I almost took a ride in one of these, but decided it was too goofy
id: 30916
That second to last point is a little broad..
id: 30917
I'm almost there!
id: 30918
id: 30919
Closer still!
id: 30920
Too close
id: 30921
It's so surreal to see sights like this in person after seeing them on TV for my whole life
id: 30922
The White House peeping over the trees!
id: 30923
Neat flags around the monument
id: 30924
I asked a person to take my picture!
id: 30925
I asked a wall to take my picture!
id: 30926
Coming up on the World War II monument
id: 30927
Interesting fountain
id: 30928
The walls had artwork depicting the events of the war
id: 30929
Battlefield medicine sure has come a long way
id: 30930
Nice fountain
id: 30931
id: 30932
I really liked the light specks on this one
id: 30933
Someone left this wreath here. Remember that yesterday was Veteran's Day
id: 30934
Famous names
id: 30935
More interesting fountains
id: 30936
Franklin Roosevelt gives the women of the war the credit they deserve
id: 30937
If the Atlantic is here then..
id: 30938
There's the Pacific over there!
id: 30939
Interesting sculpture
id: 30940
I like the deail on the feathers
id: 30941
Looking back at the fountain
id: 30942
I found Massachusetts!
id: 30943
More fountains
id: 30944
I was drawn over to this, but wasn't quite sure what it was..
id: 30945
Flowers left at the wall
id: 30946
Lots of flowers. The words say "Here we mark the price of freedom"
id: 30947
I asked someone and my suspicions were unfortunately confirmed.. each star represents 100 American lives
id: 30948
There are 4,000 stars here. It's simply overwhelming
id: 30949
I finally made it to the famous reflecting pool!
id: 30950
I'd heard the water was gross, but yikes!
id: 30951
The Lincoln Memorial awaits
id: 30952
Of course, I walked along the wall
id: 30953
When I first rotated this picture, I did it the upside down and was totally confused
id: 30954
The woman with the bike here was doing some kind of photo shoot
id: 30955
I pose in front of the Washington Monument again
id: 30956
We're pretty close to the airport
id: 30957
Almost at the Lincoln Memorial!
id: 30958
It's one of those crazy pneumonia people!
id: 30959
He's doing flips now!
id: 30960
Mr. Lincoln himself!
id: 30961
It was bigger than I realized
id: 30962
Interesting inscription
id: 30963
Slightly closer view
id: 30964
Proof I was here!
id: 30965
The view from the top of the steps was pretty impressive
id: 30966
Amazing view of the reflecting pool, even if it is a little gross
id: 30967
I liked the Capitol peeking out from behind the monument
id: 30968
id: 30969
A really cool statue near the Vietnam War memorial
id: 30970
After running into the pneumonia guy again, I had to get a picture with him
id: 30971
Just the beginning..
id: 30972
So many names
id: 30973
It was almost more overwhelming than the WWI memorial
id: 30974
The reflections make for some interesting photos
id: 30975
I tried to find my dad's friend who died, but couldn't remember his name. Next time.
id: 30976
Lots of people left flowers
id: 30977
The stuff people left behind was almost too much. I didn't look at it long
id: 30978
The last name on a wall that should never have had to exist
id: 30979
The book that helps you locate names is enormous
id: 30980
Changing leaves!
id: 30981
The Washington Monument peeking up above the trees
id: 30982
The moon was out!
id: 30983
Not sure what this is all about, but the flaming sword was cool
id: 30984
This famous elipse!
id: 30985
The Christmas trees were already being set up
id: 30986
This guy was on a Razor scooter!
id: 30987
Tourists gather in front of the White House while police watch them
id: 30988
It's the White House! Again, it's very strange to actually see it in person after seeing it on tv so often
id: 30989
The rainbows were installed after Obama took office.
id: 30990
id: 30991
I asked someone to take my picture
id: 30992
Even deadly guard dogs need to be walked
id: 30993
The treasury building!
id: 30994
I took these pictures for Brett
id: 30995
The north side of the White House
id: 30996
The fountain really adds to the view
id: 30997
And why not, I got my picture taken on this side too
id: 30998
Pennsylvania Ave!
id: 30999
The street is actually shut down. Cars can get on it, but only by passing a pretty intense barricade
id: 31000
This sign seemed needlessly verbose..
id: 31001
This was the station I was originally trying to get to
id: 31002
Already went!
id: 31003
This walking distance sign seemed a little ominous considering the setting
id: 31004
I already saw it!
id: 31005
I was back with plenty of time before it was time to help Bryce with his panel
id: 31006
This kid was really into the AMVs Bryce plaed
id: 31007
Brakus thought she was funny
id: 31008
She kept dancing around. Little did she know she was forcing Bryce to move all the violent videos further down the queue
id: 31009
Bryce listens to a voicemail from a recruiter. Exciting!
id: 31010
My favorite thing about cons again. Cosplayers out in the wild
id: 31011
I got Bryce to pose with the chili again
id: 31012
That's an.. interesting.. font choice. Down the harr!
id: 31013
We always grab the best seats
id: 31014
Mckeed didn't even try to be sneaky. Note the color of the liquid in his sprite bottle
id: 31015
Our AMV Singalong panel was a smashing success!
id: 31016
This poor Sakura cosplayer had to wait almost half an hour to get in to see some AMVs.
id: 31017
Omar finally tracked down his pizzas
id: 31018
This Okami cosplay was absoutley amazing
id: 31019
She managed to move in a thoroughly unhuman, and deeply alarming, way. My lower brain just flipped out.. until she gave me a hug
id: 31020
Easily the most impressive cosplay I saw all weekend
id: 31021
Brian made this while sitting in the booth during AMV Hell
id: 31022
It didn't fly that well
id: 31023
I'm in the credits for AMV Hell 5!!
id: 31024
The rave next door to the VAT is always an interesting photographic subject
id: 31025
So many lights!
id: 31026
The people with glowsticks made a lot of interesting patterns
id: 31027
I realize these four pictures were more or less the same, but the shifting lights were so interesting!
id: 31028
This is actually a hula-hoop full of LEDs
id: 31029
Lights everywhere!
id: 31030
There wasn't a ton of dancing happening on the dance floor
id: 31031
This guy was flipping out
id: 31032
I only kept this one because I liked how the moving spotlight traced out a purple blob
id: 31033
Not much dancing, but lots of energy
id: 31034
id: 31035
id: 31036
Oh anime con raves.. why is there Pokemon on the screen?
id: 31037
Sudden strobe lights really lit this one up
id: 31038
The DJ seemed to be having a fun time
id: 31039
What's up next?
id: 31040
I don't know, more dancing. What od you want from me
id: 31041
Give this guy some room!
id: 31042
Dancing Obama up on the screen!
id: 31043
I told Bryce he looked like a middle school woodshop teacher. He was really an Iron Editor host
id: 31044
Artists Alley!
id: 31045
This costume struck me because normally with this type of costume the head is really oversized, but not on this one
id: 31046
Yip yip!
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