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11/20/10 - Window washing guy at work, and Rock Band

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id: 31936
Steve takes a moment to reload one of the numerous Nerf guns lying around the office
id: 31937
Beager isn't sure how to proceed
id: 31938
This guy came by to clean the outside of the windows
id: 31939
It was kind of weird having a dude outside the window on the third floor
id: 31940
He didn't do a very good job.. He left a bunch of spider webs attached!
id: 31941
Steve mans the keytar
id: 31942
Dustin mans the mic, cleverly held in place with toilet paper rolls
id: 31943
Can you still be a guitar hero if you play Rock Band?
id: 31944
Dave hangs out on the couch
id: 31945
Drama between band members??
id: 31946
Dustin's excited
id: 31947
How did these guys get this banner? Probably best not to ask..
id: 31948
Various plastic instruments
id: 31949
People hanging out on the couch
id: 31950
Dustin is so relaxed!
id: 31951
Phil likes to scream louder and louder as the song climaxes
id: 31952
What does that even mean?
id: 31953
Phil is screaming in this picture
id: 31954
Anthony plays a mean guitar
id: 31955
Singing time?
id: 31956
Look how psyched Steve is
id: 31957
Someone has to do it
id: 31958
I don't think Phil is screaming in this picture, but I'm sure he's about to
id: 31959
So much to keep track of!
id: 31960
Anthony and Dustin play like there's no tomorrow
id: 31961
Just look at that face. Such concentration.
id: 31962
Drumming AND singing? Steve, you're a madman.
id: 31963
He did surprisingly well
id: 31964
Anthony threatened me with violence if I took pictures of him singing
id: 31965
So of course, I did
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