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11/24/10 - Down on the range with Dad

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id: 31221
Brett and Mel came over to watch AMV Hell 5
id: 31222
Hey Dad, ready to go?
id: 31223
Gotta go check the mail first
id: 31224
The outdoor range down at Reading
id: 31225
Warning! Guns are dangerous!
id: 31226
Looking down the range
id: 31227
One of the shooting stations
id: 31228
The back of a well worn target
id: 31229
Ah yes. Protecting our right to keep deadly weapons right next to our sleeping children
id: 31230
Reading Rifle!
id: 31231
Never been used.. yet
id: 31232
Dad gets ready
id: 31233
Looking down the indoor range
id: 31234
Safety first!
id: 31235
Hey how about that center shot?
id: 31236
Getting barbeque ingredients!
id: 31237
How much garlic will we need?
id: 31238
Dad loves barbeque
id: 31239
Is this beef satisfactory?
id: 31240
Strange lighting..
id: 31241
This is where my first job was
id: 31242
I hated being a cashiere
id: 31243
All done, time to get in line
id: 31244
I used to have to sign in to this thing (or something like it) to get credit for working
id: 31245
You can't hide, Becky!
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