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11/25/10 - Thanksgiving! The Branagans joined us this year, along with Becky's boyfriend Cathal

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Mom made a great turkey
id: 31248
id: 31249
Hey Macaroni, what's up?
id: 31250
Uncle Peter and Johnny sitting in the kitchen
id: 31251
Uncle Peter
id: 31252
I think I've been spotted
id: 31253
Johnny's tricky to take pictures of.. he runs away
id: 31254
The turkey's on the plate now
id: 31255
Everyone gathered in the living room
id: 31256
Aunt Meredith
id: 31257
Macaroni just wants to be part of the group
id: 31258
Gragra and Becky
id: 31259
The table is set!
id: 31260
I liked this picture since it shows the lights hanging over the table
id: 31261
Almost ready Mom?
id: 31262
Turkey time is near
id: 31263
Various Branagans
id: 31264
Gragra keeps an eye on her nemesis, Macaroni
id: 31265
Danny and Melissa
id: 31266
Gragra's got some kind of drink
id: 31267
Johnny and Aunt Meredith
id: 31268
Cathal was experiencing his first Thanksgiving. He's from Ireland!
id: 31269
What's up, Gragra?
id: 31270
Hey Becky
id: 31271
Macaroni was poking aroudn the table
id: 31272
Hey it's that other cat! Isabelle!
id: 31273
This picture makes me laugh beacuse of Macaroni poking his head out
id: 31274
The turkey has emerged!
id: 31275
Classic Thanksgiving
id: 31276
Everyone piles in around the table
id: 31277
There was tons of food
id: 31278
Cathal was a fan
id: 31279
What's with the face, Gragra?
id: 31280
Aunt Diane and Uncle Michael stopped by later for desert
id: 31281
See Mom? You don't always make crazy faces when I take pictures
id: 31282
Becky and Cathal
id: 31283
Speaking of crazy faces..
id: 31284
Aunt Meredith was surprised her kids actually ate turkey
id: 31285
Mom will probably hate this picture, but I liked it
id: 31286
The infamous "cran-apple" pie, which was quickly renamed "crapple". We all loved it, but it was fun to call it "crapple"
id: 31287
Aaand here are some flower.
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