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11/27/10 - Barbeque with Dad, and traveling to Providence to see Mel

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id: 31288
Another picture Mom will hate, but I like. This is a typical Saturday afternoon at home
id: 31289
Becky carefully backs the car out..
id: 31290
Dad loves make kebabs. Or should it be.. keBob?
id: 31291
So many vegetables
id: 31292
Roasted garlic will be good
id: 31293
Becky reads while the food cooks
id: 31294
Hey Becky
id: 31295
She loves it when I get all up in her face with a camera
id: 31296
Barbequeing in November! Genius or madness?
id: 31297
id: 31298
Keep moving them around!
id: 31299
Time for Wii!
id: 31300
Even Dad likes Wii. He was alarmingly good at bowling
id: 31301
Funky green couch!
id: 31302
My ol' pal Jupiter
id: 31303
Looking around South Station
id: 31304
The replaced the timetable with an LED one, but they have speakers that still makes the "tikka-tikka-tikka" sound when it changes!
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