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12/09/10 - Reddit Secret Santa day! Both Topaz's and my secret santa gifts arrived

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id: 31312
What's in the box, Topaz?
id: 31313
Could it be.. Reddit Secret Santa?
id: 31314
What did the internet stranger send you?
id: 31315
It's all shiny..
id: 31316
It's a crazy lopsided mirror Rubik's Cube!
id: 31317
It essentially replaces colors with thickness of layers. I didn't believe it, but it's isomorphic to a Rubik's Cube
id: 31318
Meanwhile, at my apartment.. I got a box too!
id: 31319
The cats love packages
id: 31320
Space food! Nice!
id: 31321
The "Book of Secrets"
id: 31322
A Lego guy! I think there was a chance I would get an astronaut, but I got a caveman. Can't win them all!
id: 31323
A sweet Linux shark for my car!
id: 31324
A book of nonverbal Japanese communication! Lots of gestures and such that are important but difficult to pick up
id: 31325
The cats proceeded to investigate the empty box
id: 31326
Neil loves presents
id: 31327
Look at all the stuff I got! A great year for secret santa!
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