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12/10/10 - Syancor holiday party! They made me dress up, but gave me free booze and food

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id: 31328
Where could we be, Topaz?
id: 31329
The party took place in a strange building seemingly designed so Buffalo residents could pretend they live in a normal climate
id: 31330
Free food abounded
id: 31331
That's a big Christmas tree. I like to think it's actually a super tall column and perspective just makes it look like a cone
id: 31332
For some reason there is an actual airplane on the ceiling
id: 31333
Giant ornament!
id: 31334
What's with all the flags?
id: 31335
Ben wandered by our table
id: 31336
Who's that with you, Ben? I never found out
id: 31337
Ah yes, social lubricant.
id: 31338
Anthony laughs at whatever's on that phone
id: 31339
Nice smile, Chris
id: 31340
Topaz and Kate sitting aroudn
id: 31341
A wild Kavanagh appeared and showed us some pictures from the recent Falcon 9 launch
id: 31342
Julia takes control of the microphone
id: 31343
Dipak announces some awards
id: 31344
This guy won the mustache contest! Serious business
id: 31345
Steve ruins a perfectly good picture
id: 31346
Hey Jeff
id: 31347
There, that's a better one
id: 31348
I still haven't learned Steve's girlfriend's name, but this is her crazy camera
id: 31349
Just look at that thing!!
id: 31350
Topaz and Kate had fun. We then proceded to watch The West Wing all weekend long
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