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12/31/10 - Hanging out with Bryce and Alicia before New Year's!

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id: 31463
Hey Neil, what's going on?
id: 31464
What's over there?
id: 31465
Topaz is always surprised by my camera
id: 31466
Bryce looks so disgruntled.
id: 31467
Alicia's on the comfy couch
id: 31468
Colin in his signature headband
id: 31469
Bryce sitting around
id: 31470
I like Alicia's stemless wine glasses
id: 31471
Bryce has a real treat in store for Vic this Christmas
id: 31472
Time for some breakfast turkey bacon!
id: 31473
Mmm, biscuits
id: 31474
Bryce makes some coffee in the weird coffee thing
id: 31475
Frying eggs!
id: 31476
id: 31477
We got a lot of use out of this cheese grater this weekend
id: 31478
Coffee and eggs, this is shaping up to be one nice morning
id: 31479
Alicia is distracted by something on the stove
id: 31480
What's up Lucy?
id: 31481
Big ol' pile of eggs
id: 31482
Big ol' pile of cheese
id: 31483
Big ol' pile of Bryce
id: 31484
Breakfast is fun
id: 31485
We probably made too much cheese
id: 31486
id: 31487
Bryce loves breakfast
id: 31488
Time to play with Lucy
id: 31489
id: 31490
Lucy's flipping out!
id: 31491
Never mind, it's under control
id: 31492
Alicia is a big fan of bag time. Lucy not so much..
id: 31493
Lucy also doubles as a pillow
id: 31494
Professor Grumpy McGrumpface
id: 31495
The 50mm is a little too long for taking pictures across a table..
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