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01/02/11 - Alancon 2011! This year's themes were Kinect and Jolly Rancher shot glasses!

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id: 31496
Starting the weekend off right with Kabuki!
id: 31497
What's up Omar?
id: 31498
Everyone agonizes over all the great menu choices
id: 31499
I see I'm not the only one with a DSLR here
id: 31500
Omar got something involving avocado
id: 31501
Those sizzling meals alawys make me nervous
id: 31502
Albert continues his tradition of making insane faces
id: 31503
Alan prepares to tenderize his food using his camera
id: 31504
Vic solemnly takes the floor.. but.. for what? He has no controller!
id: 31505
Oh god! It's Dance Central on the Kinect!
id: 31506
Dance, Vic, dance! Dance like you've never danced before! Which is clearly true!
id: 31507
Meanwhile, Omar and Jeff talk about some Otakon publications business
id: 31508
Jeff in the corner with somewhat ominous lighting
id: 31509
Joy is all bouncy
id: 31510
Since Joanna actually owns the Kinect, she's pretty good at Dance Central
id: 31511
On the other hand.. we have Mckeed
id: 31512
"I've no time for water, woman! I'm dancing!" OK, he never said that
id: 31513
Mckeed was a little too good at this game
id: 31514
Jefferson is enthralled by the Elements on Jeff's iPad. "I'm learning!"
id: 31515
Albert swaggers up to the.. dance zone
id: 31516
There's no room in Albert's dance routine for emotion
id: 31517
Jeff appears to be doing the Macarena
id: 31518
I declare this Jeff's new Facebook picture
id: 31519
Omar gets down with the rhythm, or something
id: 31520
Kumar had some moves!
id: 31521
Disco inferno?
id: 31522
My last Project 365 picture for 2010!
id: 31523
This is as close to an action shot as you get with Jefferson
id: 31524
Messing with the projector! Funny guyyy
id: 31525
This is the part where we stand around for ten minutes waiting for the new year in Alan's funky basement
id: 31526
According to my atomic clock watch, their clock was slow. But considering all the layers it had to go through, the lag must be considerable.
id: 31527
Mckeed and Joanna!
id: 31528
A silghtly less enthusiastic Amanda and Vic
id: 31529
My first picture of the year!
id: 31530
Jefferson attempts to open some champagne..
id: 31531
It's time to rock out in the new year!!
id: 31532
No wait, it's actually time to figure out how to get the Xbox on the internet
id: 31533
How we ushered in the new year.. tethering Vic's Xbox to Omar's weird portable wifi device
id: 31534
Mckeed just wants to play some goddamn Rock Band
id: 31535
By Kumar!
id: 31536
Aw, Joanna. So mean
id: 31537
Jeff is clearly ready to rock, and yet there is no rock to be had!
id: 31538
Omar clearly came prepared to sleep on the floor this year
id: 31539
Bathrobe mode go!
id: 31540
Alan explains in detail about the new couches
id: 31541
Joy looks like she's a little dubious about Jeff's sleeping pad thing
id: 31542
I have so many pictures of Alan pointing at the camera
id: 31543
Jefferson got the other couch
id: 31544
Omar reminds me of a carrot when he's in his orange sleeping bag with his hair pointing all over the place..
id: 31545
Oh that's flattering
id: 31546
Speaking of crazy hair..
id: 31547
Vic calls this the "calendar shot"
id: 31548
id: 31549
Joy checks the status of the spiked juices
id: 31550
Omar also checked
id: 31551
Morning iPad time
id: 31552
Mckeed is up and ready for some IHOP!
id: 31553
G2 party!
id: 31554
"Are you going to take my picture??"
id: 31555
Who doesn't love IHOP?
id: 31556
I had nothing better to do..
id: 31557
Mckeed's favorite place!
id: 31558
Bryce showed up fashionably late
id: 31559
Mckeed wants a pancake thiiiis big
id: 31560
Amanda and Vic think that is ridiculous
id: 31561
Bryce is sporting his spiffy new glasses
id: 31562
What a mess we've made
id: 31563
Hmm.. this is strange. Why is Omar separating jolly ranchers?
id: 31564
Cherry pile
id: 31565
Organizing an entire bag
id: 31566
There's those Spike Your Juice things again..
id: 31567
Vic made the punch this year, and made us all pitch in! Outraaageous!
id: 31568
Vegetarian Omar proudly shows off his shirt. Cut out the middleman and just eat vegetables!
id: 31569
Ah, the jolly rancher plot becomes more clear with the emergence of this shot glass mold
id: 31570
Looking up the melting and combustion temperatures of various substances
id: 31571
We decided we needed all the soda cans, so after forcing everyone to drink some sprite, we poured the rest into a jug for later
id: 31572
Melting chambers!
id: 31573
I knew this knife would come in handy!
id: 31574
Practicing the transfer maneuver using tongs
id: 31575
Gotta cut more cans
id: 31576
The can tops were pretty useless
id: 31577
Putting the sorted Jolly Ranchers into their cans
id: 31578
The reflections were nice
id: 31579
We decided to go with a double boiler method at first
id: 31580
Don't you know anything Jeff? A watched double boiler never double boils!
id: 31581
The cans are so ready
id: 31582
"What the hell are you idiots doing in here?"
id: 31583
It's time to get this show on the road
id: 31584
The experiment has begun!
id: 31585
id: 31586
They're starting to get kind of squshy, but not liquid..
id: 31587
It was a well documented event
id: 31588
The water boiled merrily away, but the jolly ranchers resisted
id: 31589
Omar decided to add some more water, and everyone but me decided to flee the room in anticipation of some sort of explosion
id: 31590
Testing the consistency of the sugary goop
id: 31591
It made a thin strand that was actually hard, so you could hold it sideways and it wouldn't change shape
id: 31592
Omar disposes of it in the obvious way
id: 31593
We eventually gave up on the boiling technique and just put the cans directly into the oven
id: 31594
Now this is what we want to see! Totally liquid!
id: 31595
Omar performed the delicate pour procedure
id: 31596
I love all the tiny bubbles
id: 31597
That's right. Four cameras. We could probably reconstruct this scene in 3D if we had to
id: 31598
It looks so tasty, but don't try to put some on your finger!
id: 31599
The molds are filled, it's just a matter of cooling them off now
id: 31600
Mmm, jolly ranchers
id: 31601
The inside of the cans were all coated with candy. Good thing we didn't go with the original plan of using Alan's cookware
id: 31602
Closeup of the bubbles
id: 31603
Let's start unwrapping more!
id: 31604
So many wrappers
id: 31605
Jolly ranchers and photographic equipment. Nerd party indeed
id: 31606
Omar is hard at work on the second batch
id: 31607
"You're not making a mess in here, right?"
id: 31608
Paul wandered in to see what all the commotion was about
id: 31609
Joy works on unwrapping more jolly ranchers
id: 31610
The toothpick makes him cool
id: 31611
I feel like this face says "this is pretty awesome, right?" and yes. Yes it is.
id: 31612
Refilling the cans
id: 31613
Meanwhile, in the dance zone, Bryce dances to Lady Gaga
id: 31614
Jeff's turn unwrapping candy
id: 31615
This picture made me laugh really hard when I looked at it later and noticed the picture of the cat in the back of Alan's fridge
id: 31616
Jeff and Joy hanging out in the kitchen
id: 31617
I'm not sure what's happening here, but I'm sure it involves Vic shouting obscenities at me
id: 31618
A hush falls over the crowd as Jefferson takes the dance floor
id: 31619
Go man go!
id: 31620
Amanda attempts to extract the shot glasses
id: 31621
Unfortunately, they were still a little too soft, so we put them back in the fridge
id: 31622
The second batch is ready to go!
id: 31623
Bryce dances to Lady Gaga.. again
id: 31624
Amanda's turn to dance
id: 31625
This time they're holding their shape
id: 31626
Omar pulls off the first jolly rancher shot glass
id: 31627
It's beautiful!
id: 31628
I couldn't stick around to watch the rest, because it was time to run down to Pat's Steaks and get cheesesteaks!
id: 31629
Oh har har, I get it
id: 31630
Mr. Chaess!
id: 31631
Joanna waits in line
id: 31632
"What sub will I have?"
id: 31633
I'm not sure how to caption this face, but I like the picture
id: 31634
Ben's just glad we actually got here, unlike some other years
id: 31635
Alan busts out his DSLR
id: 31636
Albert looking sane for once
id: 31637
What is that face, Bryce?
id: 31638
Jefferson is stoked
id: 31639
Vic on his new G2
id: 31640
I can almost read his texts in his giant glasses
id: 31641
Geno's Steaks sure is flashy
id: 31642
I really liked the wet asphalt in these pictures
id: 31643
Bike guy!
id: 31644
Mckeed makes the final preparations for his order
id: 31645
Vic at the moment of truth, where you either order your cheesesteak like a pro or look like an idiot
id: 31646
Brett came to hang out with us!
id: 31647
His girlfriend Laura came too
id: 31648
Ah, there's the crazy Albert we know and love
id: 31649
Brett looks into his vision of a steak-full future
id: 31650
id: 31651
Alicia's always giving this look to Bryce. Like "what the hell is wrong with you"
id: 31652
How was your sub, Mckeed?
id: 31653
Meanwhile, back at Alan's house, Omar was preparing for the big event..
id: 31654
Amanda and Vic enjoy their freshly minted shot glasses while the preparations for the event are finalized
id: 31655
Alicia's here!
id: 31656
I'm not sure what this was a reaction to, but who cares
id: 31657
The big event! It's Vic's birthday! Omar made him a strange cake with a billion candles!
id: 31658
Laura and Brett were enjoying their first Alancon
id: 31659
So many candles
id: 31660
Ahh! It's too bright!
id: 31661
He got them all in one go!
id: 31662
The smoke made some interesting patterns in the projector light
id: 31663
I finally got my shot glass! I got one of the two toned ones from the second batch
id: 31664
Brett nearly covered his shot glass completely in aluminum foil to avoid stickiness
id: 31665
Alan in his element. This is where the podcast is recorded, edited, uploaded, everything.
id: 31666
id: 31667
Domo-kun, the patron saint of podcasters
id: 31668
Bryce is getting progressively more frazzled
id: 31669
Brett was brought on a whirlwind tour of Alan's recording studio
id: 31670
Dipping into the punch, Bryce?
id: 31671
Albert got a G2 too! The G1 club has upgraded to the G2 club!
id: 31672
You know what the best part of this picture is?
id: 31673
This picture. Go back and forth between this and the one before.
id: 31674
Joy thinks it's getting late. Because it is.
id: 31675
What's up, Ben?
id: 31676
Mckeed wished to remain anonymous
id: 31677
Jefferson seems to dazed. It must be the power of rock
id: 31678
"You gonna take my picture?"
id: 31679
The dreaded pro keyboard! Keep it away from me!
id: 31680
Brett was having a good time
id: 31681
You can tell cause he throws his head back to rant
id: 31682
Funny stuff
id: 31683
Laura challenged Alicia to a dance off. Here she is attempting to navigate the menus
id: 31684
How do you get this stupid thing going?
id: 31685
"If I see these pictures online, I will kill you"
id: 31686
Alicia got into the moment in spite of herself
id: 31687
"This is hard!"
id: 31688
Don't fall over!
id: 31689
To be fair, it's pretty intimidating to dance like an idiot in front of all these.. idiots.
id: 31690
Go, Alicia, go!
id: 31691
Hanging out on the couch
id: 31692
Jefferson's turn to dance again
id: 31693
Alicia changed into a t-shirt for more comfortable dancing. Bryce approved of the theme
id: 31694
Round two of dancing
id: 31695
Brett wasn't a very good dancer
id: 31696
This picture came out great. Picture of the weekend.
id: 31697
I suspected what Bryce was planning when he put his arms under his shirt.. lucky for you those photos have been redacted
id: 31698
A good portrait of Brett
id: 31699
Yes, even I got in on the Dance Central action. It was a blast once you stopped caring you looked like a doofus
id: 31700
Light bright has come so far!
id: 31701
The next morning, a wild Scintilla appeared!
id: 31702
While the elusive wild Mckeed receded into the woods, only to emerge next July for prescreenings.
id: 31703
I love the bat backpacks
id: 31704
Jefferson is never quite sure what to do when I point the camera at him.
id: 31705
Bryce was feeling better after a night of madness
id: 31706
id: 31707
That's right, we're at Sang Kee again for some delicious Chinese food!
id: 31708
Peter and Katie came with us!
id: 31709
They couldn't make the rest of Alancon, but at least they could join us for Sunday brunch
id: 31710
Alicia.. counts?
id: 31711
Albert just wants some food already
id: 31712
Gross ducks
id: 31713
We're making progress, we're inside!
id: 31714
It was a little rainy
id: 31715
Amanda checks out the menu
id: 31716
There's a lot of really good noodle dishes
id: 31717
My meal: pork noodle soup with wontons
id: 31718
Vic got the same thing
id: 31719
Who?? Me and who else?
id: 31720
What does??
id: 31721
Additional fortunes!
id: 31722
Albert's got an eye popping thing going on here
id: 31723
We're at Alan's house, but he's not here! Where the hell is he??
id: 31724
Alicia doesn't know
id: 31725
Jefferson ambles up without a care in the world
id: 31726
We couldn't get ahold of Alan
id: 31727
You need to fix your glasses, Jefferson
id: 31728
Peter was getting pretty cold
id: 31729
Katie thought ahead and brought a hat
id: 31730
Amanda hates this game
id: 31731
Vic took the long way home! How did he get here before Alan?
id: 31732
Joy's not a fan of the situation
id: 31733
Trying the back door..
id: 31734
Vic finally got ahold of Alan and got the code to the back door. Crisis averted! And a ridiculous way to end a great weekend!
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