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01/03/11 - Hanging with Bryce and Alicia again, driving home, and new photography toy!

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id: 31735
The depth of field effect on the 50mm is crazy
id: 31736
But I don't need a number!
id: 31737
id: 31738
Bryce walking along in the grocery store
id: 31739
This sign tempted me to buy some dry ice
id: 31740
Bryce is a big fan of his new glasses. "Suddenly I can see stuff!"
id: 31741
Burger time!
id: 31742
The cheese grater does what it does best
id: 31743
Alicia's job this weekend was apparently to grate cheese
id: 31744
Whoa, hi there
id: 31745
Ready to hit the road!
id: 31746
This road. This is the road that I hit.
id: 31747
Someone's moving a house!
id: 31748
This was kind of dumb, but this person's license plate says "LUV2SCOR". I lost him for a couple of hours and then saw him again!
id: 31749
I got a new wide angle adapater! It screws onto the front of the camera and makes an already wide lens even wider!
id: 31750
It also introduces some heavy vignetting to the corners, but I sort of like the effect
id: 31751
My apartment is a mess
id: 31752
"What's that?"
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