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01/21/11 - Matt Turland in town, and hanging around at work

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id: 31839
Matt didn't have any decent pictures of himself, so I took a few!
id: 31840
Steve's all spiffed up for a dinner! He took the opportunity to do our reviews while in boss attire
id: 31841
Oh Matt, that's not good for you!
id: 31842
Shawn tries to get the nerf blaster working
id: 31843
Domo plots Shawn's demise while he tries to figure out the gun
id: 31844
Topaz looks over the menu at Pearl Street Grill
id: 31845
Matt catches up on his twitter
id: 31846
Waiting for food
id: 31847
Pearl Street Grill!
id: 31848
Topaz got another dark beer
id: 31849
Hi Shawn
id: 31850
Matt seems suspicious of my camera
id: 31851
Macro mode!
id: 31852
Beager considers my wide angle adapter
id: 31853
I like the rage face of the day
id: 31854
Hard at work
id: 31855
Domo's stupid velcro mustache
id: 31856
Dipak looks at something Jeff's been working on
id: 31857
We briefly ran a Primordial Life simulation until we got bored of it
id: 31858
Matt in his ancient chair
id: 31859
Jeff, the other half of the CMS support crew
id: 31860
What's that face for, Matt?
id: 31861
We're not sure what happened here, but Matt's arm looks huge!!
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