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01/21/11 - I revisit the Cargil Pool grain elevator in the winter! It was cold.. so cold.

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id: 31862
It was 9 degrees, and the wind off of the lake had to be at least 30 miles per hour
id: 31863
As I approached the building, people kept stopping to ask if I needed help
id: 31864
But it was worth it for these pictures!
id: 31865
The frozen wasteland that is Lake Erie in the winter
id: 31866
This tree has had a rough life
id: 31867
Frozen and cold
id: 31868
This picture reminded me of the ones taken by the Huygens probe that landed on Titan..
id: 31869
This picture was chosen by WBFO, our NPR station, as their Listener Photo of the Week!
id: 31870
Getting closer..
id: 31871
I really wanted to get a picture of the left side of the building with the sun behind it, but I couldn't get it
id: 31872
What's this tiny building for?
id: 31873
This building has seen better days
id: 31874
I was tempted to go around the far side of the building, but it was just too damn cold
id: 31875
I had to be careful not to fall on any of the ice that littered the area
id: 31876
I don't know how these plants stay alive
id: 31877
It's tough to see here, but there were these spooky tendrils of snow drifting off the lake
id: 31878
Neat patterns in the snow
id: 31879
The camera gets confused by all the bright snow, so you have to set the exposure a little high to get it right
id: 31880
More drifting snow
id: 31881
Can you feel the cold? I could
id: 31882
Looking out over the beach
id: 31883
More interesting snow patterns
id: 31884
I was going to walk down to the pier, but I didn't get very far
id: 31885
I was tempted to walk out onto the lake, but decided it wasn't worth it
id: 31886
Endless drifting snow
id: 31887
See you in a few months, Cargill Pool grain elevator!
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