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01/21/11 - Neil and Buzz photoshoot!

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id: 31888
The cats like to lurk behind my monitor
id: 31889
Neil sitting around
id: 31890
He likes to watch stuff moving on my monitor
id: 31891
Neil sits on the table while Buzz lounges in the bed
id: 31892
id: 31893
He's such a fatass
id: 31894
Closeup of Buzz's eye
id: 31895
Closeup of Neil's eye
id: 31896
Neil kept trying to attack the evolution car sim
id: 31897
After being swatted back a few times, he decided to watch from afar
id: 31898
Closeup of Neil's nose
id: 31899
Neil loves Flash games
id: 31900
Buzz is a big fan of his cat bed
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