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02/04/11 - I got a new lens! A 70-300mm, for telephoto fun!

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id: 31910
Beager on 70mm
id: 31911
It's tough to keep the pictures crisp on 300mm indoors. The lens is a little ungainly
id: 31912
Using the ridiculous reach of this new lens, I could take pictures of the people clearing the ice on the lake!
id: 31913
Rumor had it that this Jeep had fallen into the lake, but it looks fine to me
id: 31914
id: 31915
The view of the battleship from our window
id: 31916
I creepily took a picture of Steve coming back from lunch
id: 31917
I can actually see inside the HSBC tower tinwdow!
id: 31918
Clock tower
id: 31919
Bus man!
id: 31920
The skyway, seen from our window
id: 31921
Sunset on Lake Erie
id: 31922
That mysterious white building again
id: 31923
The water tower on top of the building
id: 31924
Steel Winds windfarm!
id: 31925
I've been dying to get a good picture of the wind turbines, and now I finally can!
id: 31926
id: 31927
I love the color of the sky in this picture
id: 31928
I'm a big fan of this picture
id: 31929
Ice everywhere!
id: 31930
There's a dude on the ice! At this point my 70-300mm was in the car, so I couldn't get a good look at him
id: 31931
I love this building.
id: 31932
White building!
id: 31933
I thought about going out on the ice too, but didn't really have a reason to
id: 31934
I might as well be in the arctic!
id: 31935
The snow on the ground was the kind of a thin layer of ice on top. Fun to walk through
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