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02/11/11 - More Synacor pictures. Nerf guns everywhere!

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id: 31972
What're we doing in Dipak's office?
id: 31973
Beager said "take a picture of me like this"
id: 31974
Shawn got a sweet Android figure
id: 31975
Another Beager pose
id: 31976
Playing with my Sigma lens
id: 31977
Steve's coming back from lunch!
id: 31978
"Stop taking pictures of me!"
id: 31979
Beager's online name is "GreatGrapeApe"
id: 31980
Matt has apparently been replaced by the grape ape!
id: 31981
Let's move him to one of the filing cabinets
id: 31982
Hockey on the ice!
id: 31983
Whoa, what's that face, Matt?
id: 31984
Dipak is surprised at how far my Sigma reaches, considering I took this from my desk
id: 31985
Steve's just sad that LCD Soundsystem broke up
id: 31986
id: 31987
Shawn looks so menacing
id: 31988
Nerf dart in the air!
id: 31989
Beager's being creepy
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