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02/12/11 - Winterfest was more like Lamefest, but at least it was something to do

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id: 31990
After work on Friday I walked over to see the preparations for Winterfest. They're covering the highway exit in snow!
id: 31991
News van!
id: 31992
Looking up at HSBC tower. I wish I handn't missed the top corners..
id: 31993
Jet engine?
id: 31994
Pearl Street!
id: 31995
Looking under HSBC tower
id: 31996
Is it powder keg or Winterfest? Make up your mind
id: 31997
I've never even heard of the Bisons
id: 31998
Great turnout at the quiz show..
id: 31999
The quizmaster
id: 32000
Clearly this is exciting stuff
id: 32001
id: 32002
If you got a question in the quiz, you got a hot dog
id: 32003
HSBC tower at twilight
id: 32004
The next day (during the actual event) this screen was usually the DVD logo bouncing around
id: 32005
Live from a snowy street!
id: 32006
They covered the Seneca Street exit with snow so kids could sled down it
id: 32007
It's like the opposite of normal snow work!
id: 32008
This guy's just pirating satellite tv
id: 32009
They line the walls with hay so kids don't crash into the concrete
id: 32010
Who brought a camel to Buffalo in the winter??
id: 32011
The camel sure doesn't know
id: 32012
Topaz accused me of never taking "overview" pictures. This picture shows why I don't.
id: 32013
Turkey toss!
id: 32014
Ice scultors!
id: 32015
Let the ice chips fly!
id: 32016
Hey, it's a giant drop of water made out of water!
id: 32017
An ice snowflake seems redundant
id: 32018
Carving birds
id: 32019
I barely even noticed these guys in their camouflage
id: 32020
A lot more people showed up to the live music than to quic nite
id: 32021
I love the flying wood chips in this picture. Also, the guy looks like he's rocking out with a chainsaw
id: 32022
HSBC tower again!
id: 32023
I call Topaz's jacket the Costanza jacket
id: 32024
Hot food!
id: 32025
This old lady was eating chili next to us
id: 32026
I've been trying to do more street photography. Taking pictures of strangers is fun and interesting!
id: 32027
Meatball and meathead
id: 32028
Fried dough! It was Topaz's, not mine.
id: 32029
You can take a sleigh ride! Well, down the street and back..
id: 32030
Weird midget goats
id: 32031
It's like a tesselation of goats
id: 32032
Topaz said hi to the camel
id: 32033
Perl Mascot and Perl Maniac
id: 32034
What's up with this helicopter?
id: 32035
Hockey on the lake!
id: 32036
Lots of people in tents
id: 32037
I thought the blowing snow was cool
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