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02/16/11 - Wandering around the (now frozen) marina near Synacor to play with my Sigma

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id: 32044
It's neat seeing the trails the ships leave when they just brute force their way through the ice
id: 32045
Radar gear?
id: 32046
One of the many grain elevators around Buffalo. Look at how messed up the roof is!
id: 32047
This Sigma 70-300mm sure has some reach. Especially on my ASP-C sensor
id: 32048
Sunset next to the lighthouse
id: 32049
A slightly different version of the lighthouse sunset picture
id: 32050
Getting further away from the battleship
id: 32051
I love the reflection of the sunset on the ice/water
id: 32052
Art sphere!
id: 32053
HSBC tower!
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