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02/18/11 - Visiting the Buffalo Botanical Gardens for their special lights event!

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id: 32054
The Botanical Gardens!
id: 32055
Mom walking up to the garden
id: 32056
Hi Mom!
id: 32057
There were cool lights everywhere
id: 32058
Looking up in the main dome
id: 32059
id: 32060
The green light makes this plant look even more green!
id: 32061
id: 32062
If you waited for the right part of the color cycle, you could get some really alien looking plants
id: 32063
Mom checks out the bridge
id: 32064
Colors everywhere!
id: 32065
The water fountain was especially cool with the lights
id: 32066
Is that an elephant?
id: 32067
Crazy plant monster!
id: 32068
I would've loved to get a long exposure, but the mean lady selling tickets wouldn't let me take my tripod in
id: 32069
Spooky red plants
id: 32070
Do bananas really grow up like that?
id: 32071
Big leaves!
id: 32072
Cotton candy palm tree?
id: 32073
On to the next room
id: 32074
id: 32075
Red plants
id: 32076
Look at the size of this thing!
id: 32077
Spiky cactus
id: 32078
Alien cacti?
id: 32079
Brett says that if you live in Albuquerque, eventually you fall on a cactus, and it sucks.
id: 32080
I liked the christmas lights
id: 32081
A white lily with some white lights!
id: 32082
Look how still I was! Mom is apparently constantly moving
id: 32083
Oh no! The horrible blue plant is attacking Mom!
id: 32084
Flower closeup
id: 32085
Weren't these the creepy ones that sang the song in Alice in Wonderland
id: 32086
id: 32087
Neat veins
id: 32088
Is this one looking at me?
id: 32089
Bird statue!
id: 32090
White flowers
id: 32091
This one was big. It was sort of collapsing on itself
id: 32092
Mom hates this one because of the green light, but I like it
id: 32093
Blue fountain
id: 32094
Closeup of the christmas lights
id: 32095
Neat blue and white lights
id: 32096
id: 32097
Mom liked this wreath
id: 32098
All sorts of weird stuff growing here
id: 32099
Red tree!
id: 32100
Red lights!
id: 32101
I liked the purple light on these plants
id: 32102
The water system turned on right as I left
id: 32103
id: 32104
Mom with the lightup globe
id: 32105
id: 32106
Looking up in the main dome
id: 32107
The "flower nazi" who made me bring my tripod back to my car. Some people just love to wield power, no matter how trivial it is
id: 32108
Snake attack!!
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