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02/19/11 - A little shopping, and a little "street" photography at Wegmans

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id: 32109
Mom looks at the different frames
id: 32110
Which one is best?
id: 32111
The frames are for the Rally artwork I picked up in Artists' Alley at AUSA
id: 32112
Hi Mom!
id: 32113
Perfect for salads!
id: 32114
Grumpy earmuff lady
id: 32115
Funky fruit
id: 32116
The cheese area is always popular
id: 32117
People lining up for the deli
id: 32118
Which one to choose?
id: 32119
Crab! Hand picked like a boss!
id: 32120
Depth of field is fun
id: 32121
Time to make cake?
id: 32122
Looking for tapioca
id: 32123
Peeking over to the next aisle over
id: 32124
Wandering around
id: 32125
id: 32126
This kid sure has a lot of soda
id: 32127
So much coke!
id: 32128
Mom looks for some frozen fish
id: 32129
Scanning the shelves
id: 32130
I think these people saw me taking their picture
id: 32131
Old lady
id: 32132
I like her jacket
id: 32133
Our stuff in the aisle!
id: 32134
This guy seems pretty happy
id: 32135
This guy doesn't
id: 32136
Picking out wine!
id: 32137
Mom and the captain
id: 32138
Hi Buzz!
id: 32139
Hi Neil!
id: 32140
I love when his ears go like that
id: 32141
Time to cook!
id: 32142
We don't want stuff to get stuck to the bowl!
id: 32143
Get off my bag, Buzz!
id: 32144
Moppy Ball!
id: 32145
Kill the Moppy Ball!
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