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02/20/11 - Cooking, more shopping, and sushi!

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id: 32146
This slow cooker is really handy
id: 32147
Getting some chicken ready
id: 32148
Hi Mom!
id: 32149
Is it ready yet?
id: 32150
Vinegar and olive oil! Good stuff
id: 32151
Frying up some baby bok choy
id: 32152
It was actually pretty great!
id: 32153
Grilling some chicken
id: 32154
I know that guy!
id: 32155
I liked how the mirror worked out in this picture, where I got both of us in the picture.
id: 32156
Mom trying on new glasses
id: 32157
Lenscrafters lady
id: 32158
id: 32159
Fuji Grill!
id: 32160
Neat light
id: 32161
Mom wasn't a huge fan of her drink, but oh well
id: 32162
Mmm, Philly Roll
id: 32163
Phoenix roll!
id: 32164
It was great
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