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02/22/11 - Wandering the Tifft Nature Preserve at sunset

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id: 32165
When driving up to the nature preserve, I couldn't resist visiting my old buddy the Cargill Pool grain elevator at sunset
id: 32166
id: 32167
Meanwhile, in the nature preserve, you can see another Cargill elevator across town!
id: 32168
Zooming a little
id: 32169
This Sigma lens can be a lot of fun
id: 32170
The deck of the visitor's cabin
id: 32171
Looking back at the Cargill Pool elevator
id: 32172
I like how the top is all open. I'd love to go up there.
id: 32173
No bikes? That's a bummer
id: 32174
I found that the crooked sign combined with all the stuff in the foreground made this picture kind of spooky
id: 32175
Some fuzzy plants backlit by the sunset. I'm a big fan of this picture
id: 32176
Fuzzy plants!
id: 32177
Hey look! A deer!
id: 32178
Two deer!
id: 32179
They kept looking at me
id: 32180
Not much to eat around here
id: 32181
"Let's get out of here!"
id: 32182
Planes kept flying directly overhead
id: 32183
Sunset over Lake ERie
id: 32184
The deer wander around looking for food
id: 32185
Three deer!
id: 32186
This was about as close as I got
id: 32187
How would you like to try to find something to eat in this landscape?
id: 32188
id: 32189
Hey! There it is again!
id: 32190
The elevator again with a little more open sky above it
id: 32191
Fuzzy plants!
id: 32192
They were everywhere
id: 32194
Looking back on Buffalo, and the path I took
id: 32195
If you look carefully here, you'll see a squirrel running around!
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