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02/23/11 - An after work trip to the CSX Frontier Yard train yard!

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id: 32196
Steve wasn't in today, so we did the obvious thing. Note the house sweater..
id: 32197
Matt takes aim at the target on the window
id: 32198
Nice grouping!
id: 32199
id: 32200
Big ol' trains
id: 32201
Lots of graffiti on the trains
id: 32202
Is there anything that doesn't look great at sunset?
id: 32203
id: 32204
I walked along here for a while before reailzing I wasn't going to get much out of it
id: 32205
Big tanks by the train yard
id: 32206
id: 32207
id: 32208
This train was passing by
id: 32209
I found this as I entered the east side of the complex
id: 32210
This light kind of reminded me of a robot
id: 32211
Lots of tracks here
id: 32212
Yellow train
id: 32213
Another yellow train!
id: 32214
Buffalo skyline
id: 32215
I don't understand all these switching points
id: 32216
Weird tunnel
id: 32217
Some melted snow
id: 32218
What the hell made these tracks??
id: 32219
They were alarmingly big!
id: 32220
Control tower?
id: 32221
Buffalo against the red glow of sunset
id: 32222
HSBC tower
id: 32223
Looking up at a light tower
id: 32224
One like this!
id: 32225
I think this thing used to hold a gate. Not anymore
id: 32226
Looking along some tracks
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