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02/25/11 - Buffalo weather returns, and another trip to the Tifft Nature Preserve, this time with Topaz

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id: 32227
The USS Little Rock looks creepy in the fog
id: 32228
Foggy ships!
id: 32229
Snow again?? I thought we were done with this crap!
id: 32230
id: 32231
id: 32232
id: 32233
Topaz took some pictures too
id: 32234
We better figure out where the trails go
id: 32235
A creek?
id: 32236
This seems out of place..
id: 32237
Topaz waiting on the trail
id: 32238
"Come on!"
id: 32239
Lovely sights
id: 32240
I'm looking forward to the trees coming back so I can see this peeking up over the trees
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