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02/27/11 - Snowmobiles, and wandering around the neighborhood in Orchard Park

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id: 32241
From baking a cake to defusing a bomb, all-purpose flour is suitable for ALL purposes
id: 32242
This guy was driving a snowmobile around the field next to the school
id: 32243
He said it'd be fine if I took some pictures
id: 32244
AIr time!
id: 32245
His kids had a little snowmobile of their own
id: 32246
He was driving around really fast. If I had to guess, I'd say at least 30 or 35 miles per hour.
id: 32247
Vroom vroom!
id: 32248
I think this is his.. airplane hangar?
id: 32249
This guy has a lot of stuff!
id: 32250
id: 32251
This snowman seems out of place, but at least he has a buddy
id: 32252
A typical suburban street in the winter
id: 32253
id: 32254
Hi bird!
id: 32255
This thing looks loud..
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