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02/28/11 - Wandering around Tifft street in Buffalo

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id: 32256
This is where I am apparently
id: 32257
Tsk tsk
id: 32258
Fuzzy things!
id: 32259
Utility pole
id: 32260
Looking along the power cords
id: 32261
Walking along an overpass
id: 32262
What's that pipe?
id: 32263
Train tracks!
id: 32264
More train tracks
id: 32265
What good is this master lock doing?
id: 32266
So many train tracks
id: 32267
What the hell is this building?
id: 32268
Looking further down the tracks
id: 32269
What's up with this bridge
id: 32270
Buffalo skyline
id: 32271
This was the street I was on
id: 32272
id: 32273
I think this is the Basilica. And look, deer!
id: 32274
id: 32275
Lens flare!
id: 32276
The sunsetting on my favorite Buffalo building
id: 32277
Grain elevator!
id: 32278
So lonely!
id: 32279
Fuzzier things!
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