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03/03/11 - Wandering around near some train tracks and an overpass. Nice place.

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id: 32289
Fuzzy things and gross mud
id: 32290
Look, more deer!
id: 32291
Looking along the rails to some funky old buildings
id: 32292
Basically the same picture but not vertical
id: 32293
This was as close to this building as I could get without trespassing. From this angle at least
id: 32294
Grain elevator and garbage
id: 32295
Why is this sign crooked?
id: 32296
Ooo, this picture is really cool as it is. It'll be even better after a little touchup
id: 32297
Geese hate me
id: 32298
This building looks.. not good
id: 32299
In fine repair
id: 32300
Look how nice the ceiling looks!
id: 32301
It's full of garbage
id: 32302
The ramp to the overpass
id: 32303
Topaz climbed up to the top of the train and discovered that metal gets cold in the winter
id: 32304
Junk Pile with one of the Cargill elevators in the distance
id: 32305
Same shot but with some power lines in it
id: 32306
Looking further along those tracks from before
id: 32307
I wanted to keep going, but they had a bunch of signs saying no trespsassing
id: 32308
What the hell happened to this building? Did Godzilla attack it?
id: 32309
Ooo, forbidding barbed wire. Stay away from the crumbly building!
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