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03/05/11 - Playing with really cheap product photography of random things in my apartment

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id: 32315
Yeah, this setup is totally legit.. note the paper towels
id: 32316
My G2! I probably should've focused on.. not the very front
id: 32317
My little Obama thing that gives a speech if you hit the button
id: 32318
Aziz! Light!
id: 32319
My old Powershot S2 IS
id: 32320
The lens is always like that now :(
id: 32321
id: 32322
id: 32323
id: 32324
My original kit lens. It's all busted inside
id: 32325
id: 32326
The translucent N64 controller looks especially cool
id: 32327
Topaz will like this picture
id: 32328
Swiss Army Knife!
id: 32329
Now I can stab people and uncork celebratory wine at the same time
id: 32330
Nugget will like the page I have loaded up here
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