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03/10/11 - I travel to Philadelphia to hang out at Bryce's for the weekend

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id: 32338
The bus stop in Syracuse. I've come to know it well thanks to the 45 minute layover
id: 32339
Alicia couldn't believe the nutritional info on the menus at TGI Fridays
id: 32340
She also got a fancy new iPhone
id: 32341
Bryce was excited to finally try DJ Hero
id: 32342
He did pretty well, and it helped a lot towards his 1,000 trophy goal
id: 32343
Alicia always dresses to match her laptop
id: 32344
DJ Hero time is over. Now it's time for Killzone
id: 32345
One of Colin's many talents
id: 32346
Hi Bryce
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