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03/14/11 - Walking along the beach of Lake Erie

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id: 32435
id: 32436
The trail to the beach
id: 32437
Wind turbines, Buffalo, and a playground
id: 32438
The Steel Winds wind turbines
id: 32439
Walking a dog?
id: 32440
These houses have a pretty nice view of the lake
id: 32441
Go Sabres?
id: 32442
The playground and wind turbines
id: 32443
That grass that holds the sand in place
id: 32444
Another shot of the playground and wind turbines
id: 32445
Aww, someone left their bear behind
id: 32446
id: 32447
Playground closed :(
id: 32448
Someone traced some patterns in the sand
id: 32449
It's like crop circles.. but with sand
id: 32450
This reminded me of those "walking with Jesus" pictures but if Jesus rode a unicycle
id: 32451
This thing is weird and squishy. What is it?
id: 32452
Oh one of those rubber things that ump
id: 32453
Check out the thick ice!
id: 32454
So much ice
id: 32455
But it can't last forever
id: 32456
Look how far I walked!
id: 32457
id: 32458
Lonely playground
id: 32459
Getting closer to the turbines
id: 32460
Harnessing the sky
id: 32461
Sunset over the frozen lake
id: 32462
Chunks of ice everywhere
id: 32463
One of these days I've got to see if I can visit these turbines up close
id: 32464
More geese!
id: 32465
This is the closest I got
id: 32466
Neat cirrus clouds
id: 32467
Sunset at the park office
id: 32468
I took this picture to remind me to fix the post-daylight-savings timestamps. But I kept it just for the hell of it
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