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03/15/11 - Investigating the scary bridge and the Concrete Central grain elevator

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id: 32469
Scary bridge
id: 32470
Artsy bridge
id: 32471
This is the target
id: 32472
To get to it, I'll have to walk across this decaying bridge
id: 32473
It looks pretty cool
id: 32474
id: 32475
Making my way across the bridge
id: 32476
Getting closer to the elevator
id: 32477
Looking back on the bridge, and the weird dude who was standing around the entire time
id: 32478
That drawbridge that's always up
id: 32479
I'm across the bridge!
id: 32480
Grass in front of the grain elevator
id: 32481
Looking back on the scary bridge
id: 32482
Getting closer
id: 32483
Some teenage hooligans drove me off eventually. You can see one near the top of the picture here
id: 32484
Left to decay
id: 32485
A little building next to the big building?
id: 32486
What's this strange little tower for?
id: 32487
id: 32488
I like the radioactive symbol. It's like Chernobyl-lite
id: 32489
A train approaching
id: 32490
Time to walk back across the bridge
id: 32491
This is the grate I was walking on
id: 32492
Looking back at the windows where the hooligans were
id: 32493
Top of the building
id: 32494
Various graffiti
id: 32495
Birds flying past the elevator
id: 32496
Neat park area near the bridge
id: 32497
That's a big counterweight
id: 32498
The milky icy water makes this look sort of like a long exposure of running water
id: 32499
Plants in front of the bridge
id: 32500
Bridge counterweight!
id: 32501
One last view of the bridge
id: 32502
That upright bridge again
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