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03/17/11 - The weather is warmer, so I wander around the Tifft Nature Preserve again!

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id: 32503
Mosquito Junction sounds lovely
id: 32504
All these babies trees are sort of spooky
id: 32505
Bridge up to the water
id: 32506
Grain elevators and some really gross ice
id: 32507
Looking along the walkway
id: 32508
The walkway up ahead
id: 32509
This place looks gross
id: 32510
Looking back along the walkway
id: 32511
Brown plants
id: 32512
When I looked carefully, I noticed at least 10 goose heads poking up
id: 32513
Sitting in the water
id: 32514
id: 32515
This guy kept yelling at the other geese
id: 32516
Little bird!
id: 32517
He was jumping all over the place
id: 32518
Woodsy path
id: 32519
id: 32520
Wait, come back!
id: 32521
I got a little closer
id: 32522
They kept an eye on me
id: 32523
Hello deer
id: 32524
They kept stamping, which I think might mean they don't like me
id: 32525
id: 32526
Eating some.. brown..
id: 32527
Decaying building
id: 32528
Lots of names written on top
id: 32529
The path I walked down to get near the deer
id: 32530
Looking out over the pond
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