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03/18/11 - Lunch with Synacorians at Pearl Street, wandering around near Route 5

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id: 32531
John checks out the menu
id: 32532
Hey John
id: 32533
The Johns!
id: 32534
John, Matt, and Beager
id: 32535
Veena and Pooja came too!
id: 32536
Matt thinks about how great his meal is going to be
id: 32537
Matt hates beer
id: 32538
John doesn't
id: 32539
Every time Beager says
id: 32540
John seems unhappy with his transparent beer
id: 32541
John got a second, tiny beer
id: 32542
Walking back to work
id: 32543
What the hell is this??
id: 32544
We found an entire windshield on the sidewalk!
id: 32545
Topaz checks out the abandoned rails
id: 32546
id: 32547
This has got to be rare.. a full bottle of alcohol!
id: 32548
The new park under construction
id: 32549
I heard Cap'n Crunch was going off the market, so I bought some. Turns out it's not. Oh wel
id: 32550
Mmmm, you can practically taste the diabetes
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