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03/29/11 - Beager tries to save the beanbag that Matt killed

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id: 32551
Oh god, Doctor Beager, can you save him?
id: 32552
"I'll try. I'll try."
id: 32553
First, he'll have to reach for the zipper
id: 32554
It's not going to be a pretty sight
id: 32555
Several hours into the procedure, Doctor Beager is showing no signs of exhaustion
id: 32556
Time to call in some assistants
id: 32557
Nurse Jeff assists Doctor Beager
id: 32558
It's not looking good
id: 32559
In a strange turn of events, Murderer Matt also tries to help
id: 32560
In the end though, it all comes down to Doctor Beager
id: 32561
There was nothing to be done. Time of death, 15:08.
id: 32562
The pliers that almost saved a life. Almost.
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