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03/31/11 - Everyone's favorite grain elevator.. in the fog! Plus, some construction nearby!

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id: 32563
Ooo, spooky
id: 32564
Is the fog trespassing?
id: 32565
Spooky walkway!
id: 32566
Spooky crane!
id: 32567
Tall crane!
id: 32568
id: 32569
Rusty steel!
id: 32570
That's a big hose
id: 32571
Caution! That stuff you breathe!
id: 32572
That cap looks safe
id: 32573
That's a big truck.. crane.. thing
id: 32574
What is this giant rusty thing?
id: 32575
So rusty!
id: 32576
The wide angle lens sees all!
id: 32577
I'm not sure what they're making here
id: 32578
Well at least we know all the details of the steel they're using
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