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04/06/11 - The second annual Synacor Idol!

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id: 32594
Shawn took time away from his duck hunting to come see the show
id: 32595
Beager, the reigning champion
id: 32596
"See the thing about beer is.."
id: 32597
Shawn stares down the bleak future that faces humanity. Or looks out the window, whatever.
id: 32598
Of course, I was dressed in my finest.
id: 32599
Shawn seems weirdly offput by whatever Eric is saying
id: 32600
Who dares cast such an ominous shadow over such lovely food platters?
id: 32601
Anthony makes photographers work for their shot. You've got to be sneaky!
id: 32602
Despite the exceptional beer at Pearl Street, I opted for a gin and tonic
id: 32603
Phone recording!
id: 32604
This guy can't wait for the singing to start
id: 32605
And here it is!
id: 32606
Most of the Synacorians milled around near the bar
id: 32607
But some people sat at the tables too
id: 32608
Mr. Copeland, ready to rock the house
id: 32609
He usually wins the annual moustache competition
id: 32610
John Kav hanging out in the back
id: 32611
Veena thought it was pretty funny
id: 32612
That's a fancy drink
id: 32613
Taking a moment to prepare himself before he starts..
id: 32614
Look at those moves!
id: 32615
A hush settled on the audience as Beager took the stage
id: 32616
WIth such ferocious energy that people had to hold onto their seats, lest they be blasted out the window
id: 32617
The dramatic shirt rip
id: 32618
What's he doing to that microphone?
id: 32619
An excellent rendition of Purple Rain
id: 32620
Next up!
id: 32621
Manning the karaoke equipment
id: 32622
Singing may cause inflated arm syndrome in Beagers
id: 32623
"I have laryngitis"
id: 32624
Look at Mike go!
id: 32625
Laryngitis didn't hold him back!
id: 32626
Two people on stage at once?? Madness!
id: 32627
Singing is fun
id: 32628
Getting into it
id: 32629
This picture looks like he might be running for office instead of singing
id: 32630
"Who won Synacor Idol??"
id: 32631
"Oh right, _I_ did!" Congrats, Mike!
id: 32632
Beager gets ready for round two
id: 32633
Purple shiiirt, puurrrple shiiirt
id: 32634
He's got backup dancers!
id: 32635
The rare flash photo!
id: 32636
Even DJs can sing!
id: 32637
Eric's shirt looks like of like a full body tattoo
id: 32638
Everybody sing!
id: 32639
id: 32640
Mike's encore
id: 32641
Synacor Idols performing together!
id: 32642
I probably should've taken this picture first
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