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04/08/11 - Balance board and gyroscope!

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id: 32643
Shawn's balance pose
id: 32644
Canz thiks this is all ridiculous
id: 32645
Shawn's gotten a lot less discontinuous in his balance motions
id: 32646
Hi Matt
id: 32647
What is this madness??
id: 32648
Canz is juggling and balancing at the same time!
id: 32649
Steve just can't get the gyroscope to spin
id: 32650
Matt winds up for a dart throw
id: 32651
That can of V8 is still on Shawn's desk..
id: 32652
What is that face??
id: 32653
A new alot!
id: 32654
Ahhh, scary Beager!
id: 32655
I brought my hand gyroscope in to work!
id: 32656
It's quite a workout
id: 32657
Steve can keep it spinning, but can't get it starting from stopped
id: 32658
Shawn's turn with the gyroscope
id: 32659
Steve loves Perl
id: 32660
It glows so bright!
id: 32661
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